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This evening I connected the fz5 to pc with windows xp, the icons appeared and I choose the 'open file..' , then I saw windows open them all (approximately 350 pics) until the thumbnails completed, againas usual. Before even saw the pics i was taken, the madness happened...............

What makes me going mad iswhen I suddenly disconnect the USB cable from the camera WITHOUT first closing the picturefolder (with full of thumbnails) and WITHOUT click the 'safely remove hardware...'

then I check the file in camera, normal, I connect to pc again, normal...!!???

Are there chances (-even if we don't notice them-) that I'd do damages tothe camera?, or sd card?, or the picturesin the sd card?

Could this degrade the pictures that Ialready have in the sd card?? :?cause I did not close the picture folder first and 'BAAMM!!!' I pull the cable, even without safely remove..

Sorry for my long posted guys, I'm very confused rightnow and need your opinions and advices,

thanks very much
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dian, it would be better to get a good card reader. Then you don't have to go direct from the camera. Plus, its much faster. The card reader can stay connected to a rear port. I noted you don't have a program. At least download Picasa. You can Export Picture to Folder, saving a copy as you like after having worked on it. Often a 90% quality save we give a small enough size to post. Picasa leaves the originalphoto as it was. Just drop a card in the reader and let Picasa open it. Its free. Then you can look ito Photo Impact , Picture Window Pro, MS Digital Image Pro, etc.
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Since the pictures were not being downloaded I doubt you did any damage.

But I also agree that a card reader is a good Idea. they are available from about 10 bucks. Just make sure it is USB2.

And I do not believe in leaving photos on the card, when you get the chance to put them on a computer or other storage device get them off the card, and formatthe cardin the camera at least once every3 or 4transfers.
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Thanks Tazzie and Genece, I feel better now, thanks..
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