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I have put a web page up about the Fz20 - I will keep it updated as my experience with the camera grows.

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Good job to start with, Norm.

I frequent a group of excursionists here in southern Italy and we havebeen in fabulous places:


(These were taken by myself with a Canon Powershot A300 (!) which has only a very good macro).

I can't wait to go somewhere on the snow with my new DMC FZ20K...

My friends told me to buy a Canon D20, 300D or a nikon D70.
Yes I know that I d have great possibilities with clear noise-free shots at ISO 800.
But it can become too easy to have nice shots with these arsenals, and also too hard to bring them through the mountains: I perfectly undersatand your position (I mean in the linked page considerations). Too much care for that expensive and expansive (large) cams, attention not to shake them... no fun.

Yes also a FZ would ask for filters and lenses, but it can do perfect shot as it is too.

Finally note that the minimum (auto and manual) focus distance for FZ20 (and maybe also FZ3) is not 5cm as stated on the manual, but 1-2cm. And at this distance you can zoom up to 2,5x pot.zoom (15mmm = 89-90mmm in 35mm eq.). See the 1st of the two pics below, no filters for any of them.




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Old Dec 28, 2004, 4:14 PM   #3
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Hi Norm,

Nice review. You hit all the area and gave good comments.

I am really looking toward getting wither the 15 or the 20 and reviews like your keep me leaning that way. Currently I have a Oly C series and it's lack of manual focus and POOR auto focus at low light levels drives me crazy.

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Narmer...welcome to the forum

I truly enjoyed your galleries.

You and your friends really know how to enjoy life.

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Nice web Norm....just one comment:
I'd like to view your shots posted on the "photography" section at full resolution, or at least at 800*600....

Anyway, your site is great, no doubt you love your camera.


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