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Elements does say it has a dodge tool and a burn tool. I will have to experiment. I have just the shot in mind; a Black-headed Gull shot where he is sideways and the dark head is in shadow.

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happy_peasant wrote:
bayourebel wrote:
P.S. Seems to be some greenery in the sparrow shots. Could that be hopefully a sign of something you might be wishing for?
We do have a little greenery. Much of which is wilted by the frost.

Regarding your garden. There is a device called a Wall O Water that I use for early tomato plants. They work well for me for a few years and then fall apart. But I have on occasion had red fruit by the 4th of July, which is way early for up here.


I buy them at Burpees but edited this to replace the link with this one as the Burpee link was way to long for the page.
Steve, luckily it did not get cold enough. I use 5"6" 5/8th rebar as tomato stakes as this allows reuse for years, easy to put in and take out. The wall of water is to short for my tomatoes now. If I need to cover them, I take large plastic garbage bags, open them and pull over the top of the stake, puncture the bag, and pull down over the plant. A few handfuls of dirt around the bottom holds it in place. When plants are small, they can be covered with newspaper.
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Excellent on the sparrow Happy, and I say whatever technique works for you use it. I know how hard it is tho capture those little birds that won't stay still for long. But then sometimes you get a neat shot like the second one of the warbler.
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WOW, I like all of your shots!!! I have not tried wild bird shots yet so that is something I want to try this summer and it will be a real challenge!!
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Happy, thanks for the technique tip. Seems like good advice to me. Will have to try the bracket and 2 sec delay. Like #3 & 4 best of these.
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