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Beautiful AaronB , how do you get the waterfalls to look like that?
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Beautiful pictures guys !!! I'm with Paul..... how do you get the waterfals to look like that and still have everything else in clear focus ??
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(Veterans, please correct me where I need it!)

A slow(er) shutter speed will blur the water. As I took lots of pictures of these falls, I think I started with the shutter speed at around 1/2 second and moved down to 1-2 seconds. Obviously, the longer the shutter is open the more blur you'll get, but you'll also let in more light which can overexpose the image. Most of the shots I took at 1 second or longer were "way" overexposed.

If I understand the theory correctly, a larger aperture setting (low f-stop number) will help give a wide depth of field, helping to keep things in focus across the image; the larger aperture also lets in more light so overexposure is again something to consider.

A small aperture (higher f-stop number) will reduce the the depth of field (so things may not be equally in focus) while also reducing the amount of light. This may allow you to use slower shutter speeds to blur the water (at the possible expense of focus, or depth of field) without quite as much overexposure.

Is that right - or did I get it backwards?

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Like that water blur photos Aaron. and that's a big Giant Sequoia tree you got there. It's really huge
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Nice water shots under the circumstances. Not something I have tried so I have little advice to give here.

I always thought the higher numbers meant less light but more depth, and the lower numbers meant more light but less depth.


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The relationship between aperture and depth-of-field: The smaller the
aperture (i.e. the larger the actual f stop number), the more extensive
the depth-of-field. i.e. To keep everything as possible sharp, you should
set as small an aperture as possible - preferably f/8 on the FZ38/35.
You will probably need to use a tripod when using small apertures,
as the resulting longer shutter speeds will increase the risk of shake.
(I've taken indoor photos (ISO 200 -no flash) with the FZ38/35
with +15 second exposures that have come out looking like crystal
the image is so clear).

If you need to focus on just one part of the image scene, and have
the rest of the image out of
focus, you need to select a larger aperture
(Smaller f stop number, say f2.8 on the FZ38/35).
Or... like me, you can also cheat a bit and make use of the 18X zoom
to enhance this effect.

For average use, I normally like to have as much as possible in focus,
so use a mid level aperture
of around f4 or f4.5 – For me this is the
sweet spot of the FX38/35

Sarah & Mark1616 can correct me if this is wrong... they are both far far more
knowledgeable than me!!

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