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for_ladybug Nov 26, 2003 10:00 PM

what bag do you have for the fz 10?
What bag do you have your fz10 in?

I have to buy a new bag since the new Panasonic camera is so much bigger.

I want to carry the hood, cable and recharger with me.....


Charlie Howard Nov 27, 2003 1:19 AM

Which bag for the DMC-FZ10
I tried a Tamrac 5683, which is designed for ultrazoom digital cameras. The FZ10 does fit into it lens down, even with the hood in place, but it is a tight fit. The accessories pocket could hold some batteries and SD cards, but there is no room for a charger.

Currently, the camera is sleeping in a Kodak bag (no model #) that is 9" wide, 3" deep, and 5.5" tall. It's in sideways/vertically with the handgrip at the top. The hood (with a UV filter) is in the adjoining compartment along with a battery and a lens pen, but there is not enough room for the charger with its cord.

A Camcorder bag could easily hold everything you want to carry, but they cost more.

m.achure Nov 27, 2003 8:30 AM

The bag I'm using is a Lowepro TLZ AW (Top Lood Zoom).
Camera, in with hood on and facing down in adjustable pads.
Small inside pocket on the (top load) lid you unzip holds extra battery, SD card, piece of cleaning tissue.
Front pocket (access from outside *just* big enough to hold (in a small plastic bag) the charger, and both connecting cords. And a thin flashlight, 3/4 in. diameter X 6 1/2 in. long stuffed in beside them.
Bag has a carry handle on top, a well padded neck/shoulder strap and comes with some kind halter strap arrangement to carry the whole bag securely in front against your chest for easy access.
Cost was $49.95 USD. Maybe a bit pricey but the bag is well padded.

Typical disclaimer: No I don't work for Lowepro, or its affiliates and in any way connected with the retail business, (except to give them all my earnings in one way shape or form.)
Happy gobble day. Let snapin' happen.

EffZeeOne Nov 29, 2003 3:39 PM

BestBuy has a small video camera bag that is either made by Targus or Case Logic (sorry, can't remember which) that I almost bought for my FZ1, but it was just a little too big -- probably perfect for the FZ10. What made it such a great bag is that it had a flat bottom compartment that you accessed from what is the back bottom of the bag. It was the perfect size for storing the Panasonic battery charger and all cables that came with the camera. You then have the main compartment with moveable dividers that can easily hold a FZ10, the lens barrel adapter, hood, etc., and then you even have side and front pockets for memory cards, filters, etc.

It's made for a very small video camera -- I don't even think a standard 8mm or Hi-8 could fit in it, so it's not like you'd be carrying around a huge bag or anything, but it would hold all of your accessories. I'm tempted to go back for it for my FZ1, but it's too similar to my current bigger video camera bag that I can carry both my 8mm video camera and my FZ1 if needed.

Sorry I can't provide more specifics. If I stop in BestBuy anytime soon, I'll get more specific details. It's not available via their website and I cannot find it on the Targus or Case Logic website either (not surprising -- they're always discontinuing items that are still available in stores).

for_ladybug Nov 29, 2003 3:51 PM

Thanks for the reply....we don't have the Best Buy stores in Canada but I am going to look out for Targus and or cASE Logic bags.

The store is also looking into a Roots bag that I like as well.

Thanks for the link in your signature. I just joined your yahoo group.


EffZeeOne Nov 29, 2003 8:46 PM

It was a Targus case, and I finally found it on their website. The one I'm thinking of for the FZ10 might be a slightly smaller model than this one, but like I previously stated, Targus is notorious for quickly "moving on" with other models on their website when older models are still in stores (and will be for quite a while).

Here's the link:

Targus DBUV02 Camera Case

FYI, it's $19 as BestBuy. Be sure to click on the option under the picture for "More Images". It shows the "hidden" pocket I mentioned that would be good for the charger and cables.

I'm still tempted to go and get one for my FZ1, but I think my wife would kill me if I came home with a 5th camera bag! I currently have a big gadget bag for everything, a mid-sized Targus video bag that can hold my video camera and the FZ1 (and most gear), and then I have my Targus briefcase style case that holds all FZ1 related gear perfectly, and then I have my Coleman camera case that just holds the FZ1 and a spare battery/SD card. I just can't seem to find that "right" case for the FZ1!

nmastae Sep 6, 2004 12:23 AM

So, did you ever find that perfect FZ1 case?

Any suggestions for something that might work well?

I went into my local Ritz Camera yesterday and they didn't have anything that would hold the FZ1camera and it's standard accessories. (Everything was either too big or too small!)

Jayde Sep 6, 2004 3:15 AM

Initially i wanted a snug fitting case for FZ10, i found these op tech neoprene cases (like wet suit very stretchy) has rubber loop to attach around lens

DSLR case will take FZ10 with canon TL55.
i use it with the wrist strap,and i made a base from some plastic polystyrene packing as the case is loose without TL55 (that fits inside DSLR case) and a similar hands free chest strap cannibalised from old backpack nylon straps and Velcro for my bike trips..
like the op tech sport harness..

NEW..DSLR Zoom case is even longer :) Sony HDG 1758 / LTZ10 etc
DPRO is same but deeper for battery pack.
Rangefinder case may fit smaller FZ1/2 better or try the soft wraps

uk suppliers

River Sep 6, 2004 12:57 PM

The Targus case has been the perfect bag for my FZ 10 traveling with me to many High School Dramas and Show Choir performances. It is a small case yet carries a lot and everything is very accessible. I can grab the camera and turn it on without looking as if pulling it from a holster. The bottom compartment in the back is also great for carrying an exernal flash.


This bottome picture is taken from the Targus web site. It sold for around $20

Model #:

River Sep 6, 2004 1:38 PM

I've just noticed that my Targus DBMS01 looks almost identical in pictures to the DBUV02, but as EffZeeOne noted the DBMS01 is a bit bigger. The smaller case (DBMS01) works perfectly for me. With the lens hood always on and the moveable compartment shelf angled to the shape of the camera while on its side, it is almost as if the bag was custom made for the FZ10.

Both models are still on the Targus web site. If I'm doing this right below is a link to the bag I have. (by the way ... I did buy it from Best Buy in January, but it also can be purchased on the Targus site.

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