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River Sep 6, 2004 2:06 PM

OK ... this is my 3rd post in this forum and, after reading my own posts, maybe I should just stick to reading other people's posts.

When I said ..."but as EffZeeOne noted the DBMS01 is a bit bigger"

I meant to say ... "but as EffZeeOne noted the DBUV02is a bit bigger"

Also, please forgive me for not spell chicking.

I'm allergic to cats, maybe that's my problem

Rookie Sep 7, 2004 11:25 AM

I recently purchased a Tamrac Adventure 8 backpack case. I replacedthe shoulder bag style I was using because it was always swinging around in front of me as I tried to get into positionat sporting events.Once I settheshoulder bagdown to get into position, something happened and I was 50 ft away before I realized I forgot to pick it up. With the backpack style,I don't have to set it down and it always allows me tohave 2 free hands.

It is a little pricey, butis very convenient. The top of the pack can hold a lunch, snacks, or whatever. I keep a towel in there to sit or kneel on. It also hasmonopod/tripod straps and fits everything. Check out the website.

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