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pixelstuff wrote:
hi squirl!
but seattle and the area are really green, right? I saw photos like out of some fantasy or fairy tale dream. Thats because of the rain! Thats the positive!
yeah, it's green... at least the vegetation that's left in winter. mostly trees and lawns. the rest is dead grayish-brown, and with the gray sky, it makes everything look downright dreary. those "fairy tale" photos were probably taken in spring or summer... on a nice day in summer, there are few places prettier to be than western Washington. not Seattle, mind you - that's just urban stinkno matter what - but thereare a lotof beautiful scenic spots out in thehinterlands. they're just not very pretty in this kind of weather. 3 timesthenormal rainfall for January to date, and another inch expected tonite...bleccchhhh. i guess i'll just light a fire in the fireplace, curl up in front of the TV with a glass of Barenjager over ice, and let it rain...

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oh dear squirl, you are really angry because of that rain... If my boyfriend who spent his teenage and first adult years in Issaquah gets homesick next time I´ll question him about that rain!
I had to google "Saran" to see what that is - good idea! I usually produce a sticky dumpling when I try to wrap something in such foil but it´s less work than sewing!

editing: :O there´s a watchbot? The word that I used instead of angry is much more like rain!
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Umm... and could you share with the rest of us what "saran" means?
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Saran wrap is a brand name for plastic cling wrap - the thin clear plastic stuff you can use to cover left-over food with (and use to cover things while re-heating in the microwave). I never thought about using it, but think it's a great idea! I had thought about plastic bags, but never tried to make it work (don't particularly like hiking in the rain).

I've used the FZ30 only once when it was below freezing, but only because the weather hasn't cooperated recently (70s, 80s and tons of sun - Squirl you should plan a trip to Southern California, it's been wonderful here so far). It didn't have any problems with it at all. My old Sony had something similar in the manual but it didn't seem to mind the cold. Are its current problems a result of using it in the cold? Perhaps, but it's been a great camera for 3 years, and I'll be happy if I get the same usage out of this camera.
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Mtngal, i've been to SoCal, though not recently - in fact, it's probably been 10 years or more. it's never been one of my favorite places, but as a break from the rain (we're on our 26th consecutive rainy day, with more of the same forecast for the next week at least...), it might be worth considering!

meanwhile, i'll get out the clingy plastic wrap and see if perhaps i can get out this weekend for some pics of the flooded rivers and so forth... to share with those who live in drier, sunnier climes! :G
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