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View Poll Results: What camera in the FZ range do you own?
FZ1/FZ2 12 12.63%
FZ3 5 5.26%
FZ5 14 14.74%
FZ10 8 8.42%
FZ15 8 8.42%
FZ20 45 47.37%
FZ30 3 3.16%
Voters: 95. You may not vote on this poll

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Old Sep 8, 2005, 5:33 PM   #1
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Hi all,

I am always interested to see what the split of different camera types are so lets make a poll.

Myself, well I have my good old FZ10 and it is still going strong and I see no need to upgrade to the FZ30.

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Old Sep 9, 2005, 7:20 AM   #2
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FZ20 is my second digital....first was a Sony DSC-S30. Took some nice shots with tha camera, but I don't know how I could survive without the great 12x zoom lens of the FZ20. And...I wouldn't buy another camera for indoor flash without the ability to to use an auxillary flash.

Even if I eventually get a digital SLR, I don't think I'd part with my FZ20 as their are times when you want to travel light, and you can do a lot with the Panasonic without having tons of gear along.

And, my wife is learning a lot from using her FZ1....only a matter of time before she'll want something better. Will that be an opportunity to have her use the FZ20 and I'll get the SLR?????????
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Old Sep 9, 2005, 8:22 AM   #3
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I have the FZ20. It's my first "serious" digital camera. My other one is a little Pentax point-and-shoot that's great to fit in a pocket to grab shots. I really like the FZ20 and feel no need to upgrade to the FZ30. I may get a DSLR in a couple of years, but I still have lots to learn with my fluzzie. It's a great camera for gradually learning and improving my skills. I'm starting to get comfortable with semi-manual and even fully manual modes, but it's good to have the automatic modes when I need to move quickly or have a one-time opportunity that I want to capture with at least one good shot. Like most other FZ20 owners on this forum, I love my camera. It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn close. Definitely the best in its class.
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Old Sep 9, 2005, 9:00 AM   #4
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I've got the FZ-20, which I love! It's my first 'proper' digital camera and I'm just starting to get used to the semi-automatic modes.

It may not be the smallest or lightest camera around, but it sure packs a punch for its price!
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Old Sep 9, 2005, 11:14 AM   #5
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Treemonkey wrote:
Hi all,

I am always interested to see what the split of different camera types are so lets make a poll.

Myself, well I have my good old FZ10 and it is still going strong and I see no need to upgrade to the FZ30.

I have the FZ10 also and agree.However, I believe the FZ30 will generate better 8 x 10'sfrom crops because of the 8 mp sensor.

I was contemplating upgrading to the FZ30 but felt uncomfortable about the amount ofnoise. With the possiblity of a higher quality sensor and higher iso selections in the next generation, I think I will wait one more year to see what happens.
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Old Sep 9, 2005, 4:29 PM   #6
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I have an FZ1v2 and a FZ20. I got the FZ1 because I was going on an Alaskan vacation and wanted a long zoom camera. I chose the FZ1 because it had the longest zoom and OIS. When I got back from vacation the FZ2 was announced but not sold in the US. So, I was glad when I got the FZ1v2 firmware update.

The FZ10 came out 3 to 4 months later. I decided to not upgrade. But when the FZ20 came out, I decided to upgrade. I liked the 5MP sensor (FZ1: 2MP), the 2" LCD (FZ1: 1.5" LCD) and the realtime histogram. and the hotshoe mount. The FZ1 didn't show histograms nor did it have a hotshoe. Finally, I wanted the full manual control.

I have kept the FZ1v2 as a backup and for IR photography. I am now waiting to get the LX1 to replace my Casio EX-Z3 which is waring out. The EX-Z3 is my scenic/carry everywhere camera. I think the 16:9 senso of the LX1 will be great for scenic/landscape shots.

Enjoy life!
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Old Sep 10, 2005, 12:28 AM   #7
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i have an FZ20 which i enjoy immensely. it's my 3rd digicam - the first two were also panasonics, a DMC-LC33 and then an LC43. i've also used an FZ1V2, which is a very good camera, but its limited feature set doesn't quite do all i want to do. i've considered upgrading from my '20, but frankly, there's still nothing out there short of a DSLR that will do more, or appreciably better, than i can do with my FZ20. until there is, i see no sense in spending $700 for a rig that won't give me any better prints (at the sizes i do, up to 11x14) than i can get now. i did a lot of research and shopped around a LOT before i settled on the FZ20, and i have not been disappointed. :G
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Old Sep 10, 2005, 3:22 AM   #8
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I have FZ20 and it's my first and still only digicam. I love it but there are still some features that I would love to improve, but I believe that I could improve them only with DSLR, so my next camera will be DSLR - no matter if it will be after 1 or 10 years, but until that (and who knows maybe also after that) I will continue to use my trusty FZ20 :-)
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Old Sep 10, 2005, 2:33 PM   #9
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From looking at the poll numbers, it seems that most folks have the FZ 20 or the FZ 1. Myself, I have the FZ 1 and of course I LOVE it !! So many great photos with this LiL Gem of a camera! And very few other cameras can do infrared photography! My other digicam is a Canon A 70. It works very well and has its uses. Maybe, I will look into picking up a nice preowned FZ20 when all those who have chosen to "up grade" to the FZ30 start selling them for a reasonable sum!! ..............Charles
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Old Sep 11, 2005, 8:31 PM   #10
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I have an FZ20 that was more or less a replacement for my well used Canon G3. Would have bought another G3, but they stopped making them and wasn't interested in the G5. What a replacement! No interest or need in the FZ30. No regrets at all. Use with my Phayee adapter and remote, Sandisk Ultra II SD cards and has been nothing short of a joy since day one.
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