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Default What should I choose?

I am searching for a new camera. I have never purchased a digital camera because my 35mm takes great photos..unfortunately I am to the point at which I have to use duct tape to keep the back of the camera closed! So I'm a little attached!
I have had my eye out on the Panasonic FZ10 but have recently been looking at the Kodak DX6490. Can anyone give me the good and bad of each of these cameras to help make my decision a little easier. My main concern is picture quality. Any other suggestions of cameras similar to the FZ10 that might be worth looking at?
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If you need a camera for outdoor shoting the FZ10 is better than Kodak for its lens and mainly for its optical stabilizer (OIS). But if you need a camera useful in all situation also like indoor or dark light situation the FZ10 is useless due to its EVF and LCD viewfinder that do not work in these conditions (see Steve and DCRP review).
Give a look instead to the Minolta A1 that has an Image stabilizer in the body, a good EVF that works also in dark light and a good lens 28-200/2.8-3.5. A wide-angle normally is more useful than a long tele!
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I have to disagree with the "uselessness" of the EVF on the Panasonic, even to the point of disagreeing with Steve and other reviewers. Simply change the ISO setting to automatic, and you will be able to see just fine through the EVF, the autofocus will work better, and ISO will be set more appropriately for the ambient conditions. Like I've posted before, I've had absolutely no problems taking pictures on my FZ1 (which is full-auto) when the only light source was a single birthday candle on my son's first birthday cake. Everything focused fine, I could frame everything through the EVF or LCD fine, and the pictures turned out great, both with and without a flash.

The Minolta A1 is providing folks with a wide angle that usually isn't available in a consumer digicam, so Minolta definitely found a niche there. However, I personally find a big zoom to be much more useful than a wide angle, and simply shoot a quick 3-picture panoramic for post process stitching the few times I really need something wide angle.

The Kodak is a VERY nice camera, but I think the FZ10 beats it feature-wise. If nothing else, the lack of image stabilization makes anything over about 5x zoom worthless without a tripod. I recently tried a Minolta Z1 which has a 10x unstabilized zoom, and that was a primary reason why I went running (not walking) back to my Panasonic FZ1. In my opinion, if you're wanting a big zoom lens, you're better off with the Panasonic. If you're wanting great pictures, but more every day toteability, get the Kodak DX6440. It only has a 4x optical zoom, but it's a great camera, takes great pictures, and is much smaller than the FZ10 or DX6490.
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My suggestion...
Read the info posted here and use it only to educate yourself as to what features each camera under consideration has to offer.

With that info in hand, perform your own testing and arrive at your own conclusion. It's like a restaurant review, so what others like you may or may not.
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