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Old Dec 26, 2006, 9:13 PM   #21
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I 'lurk' mostly as I too consider myself just a 'picure taker'. I came to this site to gain knowledge and get tips on my FZ10 when they first came out. I've stayed for the other reasons. The images shown here help keep this forum a community as we view our members' experiences through their 'eyes'. Some in 'macro', some in tele. Heck some in infra-red.

Posting in more than one forum = no problem. BUT most of us only have so much time to 'play'. I guess most here would rather play in their own backyards rather than at Central Park. Probably missing quite a bit by doing so, but then...
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Old Dec 26, 2006, 9:17 PM   #22
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Hey, that"play in our own backyard" was well put! Donna
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Old Dec 28, 2006, 1:54 AM   #23
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I must admit I do not follow any other forum. The Panasonic one does it all for me. The help given to newcomers and more experienced is always done in a friendly manner and after a while you feel you are among friends.

Rocky/squirl expresses what most of us must feel.

wrams. I cannot understand your comments. During the year or so I have been a member I have foundall especially helpful to newbies and I have learnt a lot from various critiques to mine and others postings. I have even had personal messagesanswering my questions in detail.

Agree it is frustrating comparing resposes to postings but this is NOT because people cannot be bothered by Newbies as you suggest


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Old Dec 28, 2006, 9:47 AM   #24
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Hi Mark

I think Squirrl hit the nail right on the head with his comments as to why a lot of us Pana users post in the forum itself - its been the best way that I've learnt esp from the feedback from everyone here. A few of us (Donna, Riley and myself) have been doing the same thing in the Oly DSLR forum too ( I recently picked up an Oly E1) and from being a completely technical forum its opened up and in my opinion for the better with new users posting their attempts and asking for advice and comments on how to get the best out of their cams. I do no need to post in the photo forums though, its there and getting another set of eyes to look at the pics si always a good idea.



:O :?
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Old Dec 29, 2006, 10:44 AM   #25
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I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it, but for me posting in this forum, almost exclusively, is purely selfish. Here I have a dedicated group of people that share an interest and equipment directly related to my own. This forum is loaded with practical value and I don't have to wade through hundreds of posts that would be, interesting but fairly irrelevant to my efforts. I some times read a few other forums and sites but this is pretty much the only one I contribute to.

Being somewhat lazy about posting, I typically only kick in when something really hits me, or if I think I have something of value to add. Just being honest about it. If the panny board here was not as exceptional as it is. I would most likely not be posting anyplace.

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Old Dec 29, 2006, 11:11 AM   #26
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As I read over the many posts here I am struck by the sense of how well this forum works. Over and over I hear people sharing in thoughtful posts, how their needs are being met, whether it is fellowship, critical comments, the sharing of expertise, or respectfully letting off a little steam. I post here and other forums also, but hands down, this forum is home for me. No matter what camera I am shooting with, the feedback I have received from the Pana forum has helped me take a better picture. Donna
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Old Dec 30, 2006, 3:08 PM   #27
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I've gone to several other forums and looked around and none are as friendly and helpful as the people on this forum. If I need to ask a dumb question (which is often) I just go ahead and ask. Some may think I'm really, really dumb for having to ask but they still answer. Ive had people on other forums actually spend more time and words telling my I'm dumb and that I should should go read up on the subject before I waste their time.

This forum has the feel of family or friends getting together after the day and discussing what they did and if they should have done it differently. I like it like that and hope it never changes.


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Old Dec 30, 2006, 6:31 PM   #28
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I cannot really add anything as the others have very well stated my thoughts already.

When I found this forum, I first posted some shots that were not very good, and there was a poster, that I have not seen since, who was not very kind.Some of the other posters came to my defense and told me to ignore his comments. And rather thanbe negative on my first postings, they provided me enouragement and very good tips and instructions on how I could improve my photos. I was so grateful to those posters, some who sent me Private Messages, that though I do not know any of these people face-to-face, I feel like I owe a great deal of respect and feel a friendship with them. And for those reasons, I really would hate to see this forum change as I really like it the way it is and would hate to lose anybody who has joined it.
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Old Dec 31, 2006, 9:52 AM   #29
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This is the only place I post here at Steve's and one thing that struck me was that you can get help as well as just share your love for images, pure and simple. I like that combination. There is also a time factor in being able to post in other forums here and then trying to follow up on everything. This is a great group here in the Panny forum. :love::love::love:

I do consider though posting in a more general area to get feedback on my photos and at some point I will likely do it. I am still a real newbie though and feel safe here. :G
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Old Jan 1, 2007, 4:09 PM   #30
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i'm sure this has been said many time in this thread, but i like seeinng photos taken with gear that i have.

here's a quick anectode, i took a hand held shot (i was in my 20's and a lot steadier than i am now in my 50') using my match needle PentaxSpotmatic Film SLR with a Vivitar 28mm Wide angke lenes.

The photo was indoors of a home decorating show, specifically a table setting of all glass & acrylic chairs and strands of acrylic beads fro lighing on black flooring...hand held, no fash, the shot came out perfectly. Focus, DoF, composition and when i took it in after it was processed to my photography teacher (an adult education type class) and he took a moment to look at it and then handed it back to me, saying 'you couldn't have taken that photo with that camera'...i was crushed and po'd...

to sum this up then, even though we have a group secrion for putting up outr photo's, i like the idea of putting them up in the forum that coincides with the equipement i'm using so i can see that it's not the equipment holding me back from taking a great photo, but my own misjudgement/ineptitude/misjudgement in taking the shot...
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