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Very nice series.
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Jim, John, Narmer & Ladyhawk

Thanks for looking at the pics and commenting, and Narmer for pointing out that I should have underexposed some of the shots in the first series. Regards the lion shot, I didn;t have much choice in that the sun was setting, the battery was nearly flat and all of a sudden the lion decided he'd take a closer look at me and I wanted that pic.

Anyone have any idea on how to pre-focus the cam? My biggest problem with the lion shot was trying to keep the lion in focus as he came up real close. I tried stopping down as much as I could and trying to keep the shutter speed at a decent speed at least 1/30s. Was that the correct way to do or should i have left the cam wide at f2.8 instead ? This is where I think the '30's manual zoom & focus rings would really come into play were you can just set the set the cam up ready for the shot.




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