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I have a couple of flashes from my Minolta SLR. Will these work with an FZ30 or do I have to buy something made for digital cameras?
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I asked the same question not long ago.

Flash units for film tended to use trigger voltages way above the 24v max which is the limit for a digicam such as the FZ30.

My old flash (A Panasonic no less) put out around 100 volts which would prolly have fried the FZ30.

I do use it though without any electrical connection to the FZ :-)

With the old unit mounted on an L shaped flash bracket (attached to cam via tripod socket) I use the FZ30 built in flash to trigger my old unit via a slave sensor which I happened to have laying around. Works fine.



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Here is a chart ...if you can find you flash you can check on the trigger voltage.....If its safe (<24volts) and they are not that xi shoe they should work.


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Hi. I dont want to spend the megga $$ to get a Panasonic FZ30 flash.

i have been told that other flashes will only work on manual and will be out of Sync.. Is this so.

I found this on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI....m=140015809892 and was told it would be fine and work with not error.

They did say there would be no TTL with the above flash.. Is this also a problem?

Can any one offer help with this. Is is possible to use other flashes?


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All flashes are manual with the FZ30 and that includes the Panasonic model.

The FZ30 is not TTL , so the flash you linked to will work the same as any other.

The Main question with that flash is, the guide # is marked as 105, if that is so its almost as powerful as the Sunpack 383.....But is that number accurate.....You could ask the seller and see what he says.

Most any Flash with trigger voltagge under 24 volt will work.

As the flashes work manually you need some adjustments on the flash itself to help control the intensity and that flash appears to include those options.

Its not my money but if I could not get the Sunpak 383 or the Vivitar 285HV, I would try that one.
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I'd second genece's view


maybe ok - though no idea of strength - voltage is ok per botzilla website.

You can check the voltage yourself if you have a volt meter - just check the voltage between the pins on the flash.

I would also get some nimh aa batteries.

I got a cheapo flash for £10 on uk ebay and is fine - the fz30 cant use TTL etc - so no point in getting a good flash.

Back to original question by meanstreak.....

1. Does the flash fit the shoe

2. Get a volt meter and check the pins - if less than 24v should be fine or look up on botzilla site
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Old Aug 8, 2006, 2:11 PM   #7
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Hello meanstreak,

buy an old Olympus T32 Flash, that will work fine.

Look at my old thread:



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Old Aug 9, 2006, 5:55 PM   #8
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Yes! I'm using a 20+ year old external flash for my FZ30 and it works great. No sync issues...though because it's so old, I have to wait for it to charge back up between shots.
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