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Default Wireless Remote Shutter Release for FZ150?

Can anyone tell me if the FZ150 can be used with a wireless remote shutter release? I'd like to mount the FZ150 on a tripod and use a remote shutter release to trip the shutter from about 30 feet away if possible.
Thanks for any responses to this question.
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Hi, I just posted about this in the other thread, so I hope this doesn't seem like spam, but it's an important question, so...

Here's the wireless shutter release I'm going to get!

UPDATED LINK: http://amzn.com/B004EDPYHI
Something weird happened with the other link.

The range is supposed to be up to 100 meters, and the reviews say that's accurate. I have no idea if they are reliable reviews or not, but it's only $18 so I'm willing to risk it. There are a handful of reviews specific to the FZ150 if you want to read more. The negative reviews seem to be from people whose cameras aren't compatible. There is also a wired remote from a different seller, and it costs about $5 including shipping, so I'm getting one of those, too! It seems more portable than the wireless one. (Here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...A3MIREDL6J0GLS )

I am going out of town soon for some time, but when I can I'll tell you how they worked for me.

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G'day JMB

While I cannot verify the reply from BJ, the FZ100/150 certainly does have a small socket labelled "Mic-in / Remote" ... it's behind a small hinged cover, LHS near the strap lug

I have just looked at Amazon and can see 1/2-dozen offerings in the $3 to $10 price range > but can't guarantee the accuracy of their claims. PS- Amazon claim that they are not permitted to sell these items to a non-USA resident ... why is unexplained

Regards, Phil
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I just got both today!! The wireless release that I got does work! I thought it didn't at first, because it seemed like the cable was plugged in but it wasn't. I had to push it in relatively hard to get it to work. The right-angle connector is the one that goes into the camera. I don't know enough about photography or this camera to know if it works for all the fancy settings, but I did just take a bunch of snapshots with the remote. I put it into "bulb" mode and it took about 25 photos sort of against my will (I read that this camera doesn't support that mode, heh). I had to change modes on the remote and press the shutter button again to get it to stop taking photos. So far it looks really cool. Gonna go try it on the birds now

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