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I spotted these two woodpeckers, nearly chicks. Scarcely able to fly they were one neraby and the other one upon the road (although in a very desert location among the woods). After taking some tele shots from the car I and a friend took them (closeup) in hand and picked them at some distance from the road (click on the first three to view them full size). My own favs are # 2 and #4.

Francesco Raffaele

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Great shots! I love Woodpeckers. We always have a few around but I've never been able to get satisfactory pictures of them. But what I am definitely going after with my FZ20 is a Yellow Shafted Flicker that spends a lot of time in our yard raiding anthills. Flickers are in the Woodpecker family. Very interesting and distinctive.
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Nice pics Narmer. Number 4 is my favored.
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w0w wEE...


Great Shots m8t...:G
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Narmer, these are great pictures. I hope one day I'll achieve the same results with my new FZ20. Now, what I'm really curious is to how you manage to post four shots, different sizes, on the same page in a way that if we click on any we get a larger version? The only way I know how to post pictures here is by adding the JPEG file to the topicand if I want to post multiple shots, I have to do itone at a time, clicking on the Reply button and then adding the JPEG file. Thanks!
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Thanks to all of you.
Indeed iwas lucky that these two semi-chicks did not fly much yet.

When you post pics you can basically do in two ways:
1) the way you know, adding jpgs (less than 244Kb in size) and making as many Posts as the pics are.

2) you upload your pics (small thumbnails and big images) on a web space of your own or onto free photo hosting web sites like Flicker, Zoto and other (payment) ones asPbase, Smugnugand more.
The photo sites make the thumbnails themselves (and often at different sizes, to serve for differentgallery typologies you may chose).
Now you only have to upload the photos and then see how the gallery comes out, eventually chose the backgrounds and interface type.

Then you copy the link of the smallthumbnail (right mouse click, and "properties") and you enter STEVE's New POST,where you have a number of icons above. The fourth from right is "INSERTIMAGE" and there you paste the small preview link.
Then you click on the picture as it appears in the black area and selecting it you chose the third icon from the right "INSTERT LINK" where you will paste the URL of the FUILL SIZE image in your external gallery.

And then you repaet this with all the pics you want to post ...


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