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le_undertaker wrote:

Do you shoot a lot of sports or birds in flight? Is that why you use burst mode a lot? I hardly ever use burst mode.

With Rawshooter Premium you can process raw photos pretty fast. At least for me I don't see a lot of difference in the time it takes for processing a raw pix as a jpg in Photo Shop. I use Photo Shop Elements 2 sometimes.

Not so much sports as wildlife but I usually find if I shoot a burst there is always one or two shots that seem much better than the others.

And while I processed almost every shot with the FZ10 and 20.. I process very few with the FZ30. I like the shots much better right out of the box with the FZ30 than with the other FZ's.

If I do need to do something to the photo it is usually sharpen, and PS will do that much better than ACR.

I did try the trial of Rawshooter but since I have PSCS2 and ACR 3.3 I could not see paying for it.[/quote][/quote]
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I think a lot of it has to do with the type photo's you shoot. If I were taking landscape pictures or still shots im not in a hurry for then I'd use RAW. I saw where someone above said you could edit about anything in CS2 using a jpg. Well, that is true but, you lose a lot of file quality. With a raw file you do not. RAW is def the way to go if you can. My main problem with it is I only have a 512mb card right now.
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