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hcm1953 Dec 3, 2005 11:46 AM

Hi, all. I'm trying to choose a 10x - 12x prosumer camera to take along with me when I don't have room for my Nikon D70. The FZ5 seems have many contradictory reviews. One says slow focusing, one says fast. One says noticible noise, one says only at 200 and above. I'm very spoiled, having the SLR, but I don't expect that quality from a point and shoot. I need a camera which focuses well and quickly, since I take a lot of photos of kids.I want metering system to be good, and colors to be true. Shutter lag time needs to be brief of non-existant. Of course, I want a great camera and I like a great deal, but I'd rather spend the extra bucks and get something I love. If you like this camera, let me know. If you've had problems...same. And, thanks for your help.

HarjTT Dec 3, 2005 3:41 PM

Fred aka "fmoore" and a few of theothers have the FZ5. They should be able to give you the low down on the cam.

Here's Steve's review:

"Shutter lag, the time between depressing the shutter release to actually capturing the image, measured approx. 2/10 of a second when pre-focused."

Outdoors the exposure system produced consistently well-saturated and properly exposed images.


"One crucial improvement over the FZ3 is focus speed, using a new 'High speed focus mode. This delivers real, measurable (and noticeable in use) speed increases, making it a clear class-leader."

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the FZ5 over the hugely popular, but more expensive, FZ20 - such is the small difference in image quality and overall performance (and with near-SLR speed focus the cheaper camera is much better in one important respect)."

Hope that helps




fmoore Dec 3, 2005 7:26 PM

Well, I'm certainly very happy with the FZ5 but compared to the D70 it will undoubtedly fall short, except for its amazingly small size which makes all the difference. The pre-focused (ie, shutter half-press or focus lock) shutter lag is very fast, whichhas been commented on by various reviewers.Non-pre-focused is also generally quick, except when focusing itselflags. In good light the auto focus is very quick. The AF does take a little getting used to as it does with any new camera. That's part of the fun of shooting with an affordable small image stabilzed digital ultra zoom - or ASISDUZ.

IMO, noise is really not that big a deal. I wish it were better and it will be.The megapixel wars will soon be superceded by the iso wars, and that's a good thing. But for now Panasonic does as wellor better than the competition mainly by letting the noise happen a little more than others. Invasive in-camera noise reduction is prevalent. The VenusII Engine processor and the Leica lens can't be beat.

As to "true" color, each brand has a following. The FZ's are true enough for me. If you're used to Nikon or Canon color, the Panys may seem somewhat less "true". I'd be interested in your opinion on that vs the D70.

Ultra zoom cameras are not particularly good indoor, low-light cameras w/wo an external flash. It doesn't sound like your wife is particularly interested in taking flash photos, anyway.

It really comes down to size. She might feel like the fz5 is about float out of her hands. She'll get used to it and love it. Stick with the fz5. It's a lttle gem!

PS: I mentioned the poor design of the adapter. If you're intotele and wide-angle converters and close-up lens, you may want to modify the adapter to give it 52mm metal threads placed closer to the camera lens. See

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