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Default Z10 availability?

(sorry if this gets posted twice, it didn't look like the other 'stuck')

Anyway, I'm hot to purchase the z10 to replace my now 'ancient' Epson 850Z. I live in Indianapolis, so Ritz is probably the logical place to go. I need to be 'tight' however, so any help on where (on line?) to look would be appreciated. Also, reading some of the posts, what is up with the 'referrals' and also what is the $300 software from Ritz? I guess I'll mozey on over to their site as a start. Any help and comments would appreciated, especially 'first glance' comments from anyone who actually has one in hand?

TIA Charlie
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I too am in Indianapolis. The Ritz guys say they have the product in the catologes with price & part numbers, but not in stock. Circuit City is supose to carry too according to Panasonic web site but not in yet. I want to see it before I make a desion between the Z-10 & the Kodak 6490.
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not sure what the US/Can exchange would be but I picked mine up tonight at the store. They have two more sitting there.....just unpacked them last night.

999.99 CDN and I know they ship

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The "Digital Advantage" package from Ritz that's supposedly worth "$300" is just a bunch of freebies that probably don't even add up to $30 in the real world -- it's just an exagerated marketing thing. You'll get some freeware & shareware photo software and website design stuff (better programs come free with the FZ1/FZ10), a temporary online site for storing pictures, and a packet of photo print paper. The photo paper is the best thing out of the whole deal -- the rest of the stuff that I got from Ritz with my FZ1 purchase just went in the garbage.

I posted another message about Ritz and price matching, but here's the same link:

Ritz Price Matching/Low Price Guarantee

Just read up on their low price/price matching policy and then find another store that lists the FZ10 for cheaper. And don't let some uninformed idiot working for Ritz tell you that they don't price match when their own online store policy says that they do.
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