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I have not kept up with the camera models and upgrades. I currently own Z7, but would like at least a stop better regarding noise and ISO level. The Z28 is of interest especially because of the better wide angle and less distortion for close-up. It may go on sale at retail for $379 for a short while, but I really dont need another camera that is pushing the noise at ISO 200.

Concern about Z28 is the trade-off that has been made with providing more pixels resulting in more noise then requiring in-camera processing that hurts PIX detail.

PS: It is amazing about the pixel race. Im asked a lot to help out at weddings and church events with photo taking. The images get put in newsletters and magazines and there are only complaints if I shoot beyond three megapixels. Just about nobody wants or needs a 10 megapixel file. A great 3megapixel photo is worth a million 10 megapixel crappy ones.
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I have used an FZ8 and now have the FZ28 and can definitely say, if you shoot JPEG, with the FZ28 it is now perfectly capable of providing high quality images up to ISO 400, with great noise control andnone of that old color bleeding you've always seen in older Panasonic models once you hit ISO 400.

I've posted a few folders now to my website with Z28 images that you are free to look at or even download the full-size files to your hearts' desire..

These, with the exception of the very last image, were all shot in JPEG capture..


These were all shot RAW..


The folder belowis a combination of both JPEG and RAW. You can tell which is which if you click on the EXIF data and look at the focal length used to shoot the image. Smugmug shows the 35mm equivalent with the in-cameraJPEG's, but for some reason, cannot see that info when I upload RAW conversions, so if there's no 35mm equivalent focal length shown, it was a RAW conversion..


And this last gallery was all shot RAW..


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That is great news.
Also what else can I say about your photos other that their great.

Im asked to help with photos because I do good work. I work very hard to squeeze good photos out of a small sensor camera.
Although I have a C2100 and F717, the Z7 is my preferred choice among them because of size, weight, speed, ease of use. It is not a bad camera, but the OLY has it beat for lower noise, but PANY has better WB contols (which is not saying a lot as that seems to be a weak point still with most cameras). The fact is that the technology continues to advance in real terms.

I do a lot of photo taking at small clubs featuring musical stage performances. As such, I try not to use flash and I have found that people dont like being photographed that much. I find that my best shots are often when people are unaware that they are being photographed. I prefer people just doing their thing. So stealth is important as people are particularly bothered by a large obtrusive "in-your-face" camera and that's just one of the reasons why DSLR is a no no. (Also why I will always from henceforth choose a black color camera.)

Again, thanks for your input.
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