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Default ZS1 (TZ6) vs. ZS3 (TZ7)

I've been studying the specs & reviews of the 2 models. The only difference that seems important to me is the LCD monitor -- ZS3 being slightly larger and brighter, having 460,000 pixels instead of 230,000. A review even indicates that the ZS1 monitor isn't good in bright sunlight, while the ZS3 is the best in that camera category with a super bright monitor. Yet, I thought that the 460,000 pixels is only 'used' in playback, and only 230,000 (like the ZS1) is used while focusing and shooting. If that's the case, shooting with the ZS1 should be almost the same as with the ZS3 (except for the 2.7" screen). Can anyone tell me if this info. is correct?
I can buy the ZS1 (at Costco) for $229, on sale. The ZS3 is $150 more.
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For me the stereo audio in video mode ZS3 is very important. What about you?
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The other significant difference between the two models is the dedicated video rec button on the ZS3 and not available on the ZS1.

Yes, Costco has the ZS1 for $229 (after the $50 coupon) + sales tax (here in CA we get nailed almost 10% just for that, which becomes a big incentive for us to buy items online from merchants such as Amazon since we don't have to pay tax or s/h). The Costco deal however is sweet because the cam comes with a 2gb sd card and a leather case and even with the high taxes, the price is as good as the cheapest you can find online (Vann's has it for $249).

So, I went to Costco yesterday to buy myself a ZS1 but after holding it, I decided not to. In terms of IQ there is no doubt this camera is capable of producing some pretty good images (from what I've seen on the Internet). The problem is the poor design. The shutter and mode dial buttons should definitely be placed the other way around (even if Panasonic fixes the dial making it harder to turn so it won't turn accidentally every time your finger goes for the shutter). The thing is, the zoom knob switch is tiny and as you try to zoom in/out, you end up turning the mode dial by mistake. It is bad, IMO. Sometimes it makes me wonder what those engineers think when they come up with new designs and worse yet, no one could tell there was a flaw in the design when the tested the very first prototype. It seems that they actually don't test the prototype. It goes from design into full blown production when then it is too late to make any changes. It's a pity really.

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