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I was meaning to post this earlier - Panasonic have announced an updated firmware for the DMCL1 - kudos to Riley for spotting this important update.

The thread is here:


Here's a list of what they've fixed in the update:

" Thanks, that was a great link to point out. Panasonic says this firmware:

1. Makes it possible to shoot while RAW photo data is being saved.

That should hopefully address the issue Michael Reichman emphasized.

2. Improves focusing performance when shooting low-contrast subjects.

3. Improves white balance and colors when shooting in high-color-temperature or low-color-temperature lighting.

4. Boosts the precision of the automatic exposure function when a lens that is brighter than an F2.0 lens is used.

5. Makes the A (aperture priority) mode available when the OM lens and OM lens adaptor are in use.

That's a thoughtful change and one that should be useful for people who like to experiment with older lenses.

They got this improvement out quickly - impressive.


Sean __

Sean Reid
http://www.reidreviews.com "

Fully agree with Sean's thoughts on the updated firmware and the time in which they've bought the update out. I wonder if some of the updates in this firmware could also be incorporated into the E330's firmware as well.



:O :?

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hi Harj
actually it was Greg Chappell who spotted it
i simply posted it at Leica and Dp
somehow over here got forgotten

Sean Reid sorted out the detail

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Well 1 through 4 look like straightforward performance tweaks, that a few months of beta testing probably clarified for them, but I can't believe that #5 had originally been omitted from the software. Personally, I would not have bought into the 4/3 system had the cameras not been able to use legacy lenses with adapters.

And BTW, given that the OM adapter is a passive device with no electrical contacts, #5 should enable ANY legacy lens for which an adapter exists to work in aperture priority mode. For me, that's crucial, as I use Nikon glass, Pentax M42 glass, and Leica R-mount glass on my E-300 and E-1 bodies, as well as Olympus Digital and OM glass.

I use them with my Tamron 90mm f2.5 SP macro, a Pentax 50mm f1.4 SMC Takumar as a fast portrait lens, and several fast long Nikon AI-mount telephotos. I recently just shot the Miramar air show entirely using my Tokina 100-300mm f4 ATX Nikon mount zoom on my E-300 in aperture priority mode.
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