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Adapters are double-edge swords. Some lenses will perform perfectly while others will not. The 4/3 system has been widely criticized for its inability to provide very shallow DoF and control high ISO noise due to its small size. I have no doubt that Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc., will eventually come up with their models of mirrorless cameras but that does not mean they will adopt the m4/3 system. That's my opinion.

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Good for L1 and Digilux 3 collectors I suppose, as they will retain a very unique product for years to come (less Pana do finally decide to release a follow up at some point).

The info I saw was that Pana stated that effort was being put into Micro 4/3 right now but that they aren't officially abandoning the DSLR market. Its good they leave the door open for themselves, but I also wouldn't hold my breath hoping for a replacement.

If there were a L1 replacement, I would increase the optical viewfinder coverage to 100%, and the magnification to at least 90-100%, 3" LCD, 10mp sensor (max), make the body weather sealed, and basically leave everything else as is (with latest firmware). Its near perfect design, just upgrade it a tad and I'd buy that camera (L2) tomorrow, no matter what the price.

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