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Default GH1 owners opinion requested

Hi. I am on fence now and would like to hear your opinion. First, as I live in Korea, I have no access to GH1 (for some strange reason they import G1 and GF1 but skip GH1). I had Canon 40D, 5D, shooting mostly daylight landscapes, portraits, using tripod, MLU, occasional some indoor event pictures. As I got fed up with carrying all these gear I sold all of it and now I am in virgin stage, can go either way. I narrow my choices to either Canon 550D or GH1. Both are size and price similar and acceptable by me. My only concern is about IQ coming from them. I know what to expect from 550D, I assume it will be very similar to 7D, a bit better from 500D (which I saw and took few shots I liked). I never had a chance to handle GH1, Samsung NX is too small for me (doesn't have any grip) and I think GH1 would be a bit but better to hold. I like smaller DOF in APS-C sensor, like bright screen and bigger sensor of 550D. I like swiveling, 100% view LCD, aperture and shutter preview, AF during video, no need for MLU, lens adjustment and so on. On features GH1 is better to me, but how about IQ? My main concern is:

1) can I get similar shallow DOF? I will be using Olympus 50/1.4, 35/2.0 and Canon 28,35/2.8 and 35/2.0.

2) sharpness and color, can I get similar colors from GH1 as warm tones of Canon? I am shooting RAW only, using C1 for PP

3) how about DR and noise, comparing to APS-C sensor? I rarely shoot over 800 ISO, but would like to have this option if needed, I am not expecting to be even close to 5D, but 40D level would be good enough for me.

So, to all of you who were using APS-C or FF before - how do you compare them to your GH1. Sorry for so many questions but as I said, I have no chance to get my hands on any GH1 and you are my only (very appreciated source of information - web reviews are very inconsistent). Thank you for valuable advice.

P.S. I KNOW there won't be GH2 until late this summer so waiting is not an option
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