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If everything works out with the FD setup. I can see you building a decent m4/3-FD lens collections.
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Originally Posted by Hards80 View Post
these look great. a very nice and varied set.

too many to comment on individually, but i thought they were all pleasingly composed and showed good contrast and color.
Cheers Hards80 - I'm glad you liked them!!

Having done the post-procesing, I was pretty pleased all told, although I do wish I'd had an ND filter when I was out. In light of your comments in my other thread, I was hoping you'd think I got the focus better on the bird this time

as showturtle alluded to, i am lookin to get the 20 1.7 as well soon. still waiting for the 9-18 price to come down, its overpriced atm.

got my m4/3 - FD adapter yesterday, just waiting for the lens now. if i like how it works, i may add a medium zoom FD as well. not sure which one atm, but you make a nice case for the fd 70-210 f4
I think you'll like the FD lenses on m4/3... I've probably said it before, but I have no previous experience with 'manual' anything, but I do love how 'connected' using the FD lens(es) feels. Despite having the 20mm f/1.7, the 50mm gets lots of indoor use, and although the 70-210 is slower, my copy is sharp wide open, and renders good contrast and colour.

FWIW, the shots that I took with the 70-210 earlier today also had my Vivitar macro-focusing 2x teleconverter fitted as a deliberate test of the combo. I think it performed well, certainly better (and more manageable) than the 100-300 on its' own. And unless I'm wrong, with that combo, I was effectively managing to hand-hold an 840mm lens
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Hi mrmacmusic,
I really like your shots. They look really crisp on my pc.
As a favour do you think you could post some long end shots from the 14-140mm lens.
I would be very interested to see them as mostly everyone with the GH1+ 14-140 set seem to like short end close ups.
Perhaps I haven't looked in the right place but so far I haven't tracked down any long shots.
When I do decide to change my camera the GH1+14-140 will be on my short list.
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Thanks deadshot... you can see some shots at the full 140mm in this thread (first day out with my GH1 kit!)

Keep an eye out in the dedicated Panasonic Micro Four Thirds Forum where I've started some "sample images" threads.... I'll make sure to add some long shots with the 14-140mm when I get the chance
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Nice series. The GH1 is a very capable camera and the 14-140mm is an excellent lens from what I've seen.

As for the 20mm, I missed the opportunity of buying one from Amazon for $354. Then it went up to $362 and now it's $399. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, I sold the Oly 17mm.

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