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Default Help Idenfity me Leica macro ext tube?

Im not sure what this is, looks to be an extension tube.

The mount itself looks like a PK mount only very small.

these rings all can unscrew, they fit perfectly in this little box that had Leica 125" written on bottom of box.

the extension tube (?) only has Germany branded on it

it is very nice build and quality

hope you can offer some information

thanks in advance

has that weird sliding flange on one end that looks like it is the mechanism that mounts it. the other end is similar but only the three normal pieces extending out (like a pentax k mount) that extend out and lock onto a mount. while as the side showing above looks like the entire piece fits on then screws ontop (sorry i know this explanation is iffy at best)

IE. it looks like side B (below) could screw into side A (above) .. if that isnt obvious

so again any info will help me a lot, trying to figure out what this is, think its a leica extension tube, and if so for what mount? its like a tiny K mount
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Why not go to the Leica forum and ask there?
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G'day NMR

Back in film-camera days, many camera makers offered extension tubes which screwed together. Common sizes were 10mm + 20mm + 30mm and by a mix-'n-match process you could create whatever extension would do the job

Also back in the 1960s+/-, cameras often had the Leica 39mm dia lens screw thread, followed later by the Pentax 42mm screw thread, followed later by the Leica bayonet & the Pentax bayonet, called the "K" mount. The K-mount became very popular as Pentax licenced it to a dozen or so smaller camera makers

So many adapter makers simply made gizmo adapters from 39mm / 42mm to Leica or "K" mount so that the existing extension tubes could be used with the 'new' bayonet systems

We are seeing a similar process today with micro 4/3rd adapters for canon or nikon or pentax lenses being put together to suit the m4/3 cameras, thus allowing those cameras to use potentially thousands of lenses &/or other accessories

Regards, Phil
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