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maxpixels wrote:
For $5,950 I think I'd rather fly around the worlda few times with my old Leicaand a19mm Elmarit for the super wide shots+ my 'old' Kodak DX6490 for the x10 long.
Well, even if you had an R8 or R9 along with the Digital Back, your 19mm lens would have the same angle of view that a 26mm lens would on a 35mm camera. So, it won't appear to be as wide.

Because the sensor in the Leica Digital-Modul-R Digital Back is smaller than 35mm film, you need to multiply the focal length by 1.37x to see how angle of view compares to a lens used on a 35mm camera. IOW, your lenses will appear to be longer when used with this Digital Back.

The 4/3's system models like the upcoming Panasonic use an even smaller sensor (the smallest compared to of any of the current DSLR models from Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Konica Minolta, or Sigma).

So, you need to multiply the focal length by 2x to see how the angle of view compares to a 35mm camera with them for any given focal length lens. So, if you get one and manage to find an adapter for your lenses, they will appear to be twice as long from an angle of view perspective.

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Out with the old, in with the new!

Now you can find great optics for a fraction of the money, sad truth is, Jim, the Leica R system is just too heavy to cart around. Three lenses and a back and you're overweight on budget airlines!

Ibought a eBaySony .7xwide converter for the DX6490. It's as large a diameter and weights what the 19mm does, but the whole kit ismuch less hassle,sothe Leica will still stay at home.

The Lumix can wait until they don't want silly money for it.

And talking of silly money. Here's the DX6490 with Sony .7X and what it cost in the UK. And what a Leica Elmarit series I, 19mm Elmarit from 1978 !! is going for on Ebay today.GB£749

See the comparison shots of the same buildingbelow. OLD is not better

Amazingly it seemsyou can use this oldElmarit on the Canon 1dsMk2 (full sensor) 16.7 Mpxls SLR.


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Not wanting to drive a nail in the coffin of the old Elmarit 19mm, and it's still early days trying out the Sony converter, but from what I've seen so far, this piece of glass will cut the mustard on wide shots.

My question now is, as this new vario elmar SLR lens is neither long, nor short but will surely be expensive why should I pay over the odds for something that can't go from 38-380 in a few seconds to get the shot?

And for super wide angle shots I still have tobuy another very expensive SLR lens - or add and converter.

The key things I want from adigital lensis 10x zoom. From the camera back the ability toset the focuson infinity - so there isno AF time delay.

And either a flash hotshoe, or (as with the Kodak DX6490) a standard flash cable socket which offers sync every time the shutter fires - at all speeds.

Image stabilisation must be wonderful. But whywould you need it for lenses less than 200mm?

For the money I would also like to have an unlimitedcontinuous shooting mode (like the discontinued Kyocera 410). Whenhold the shutter down (with a fast SD card)the camerakeeps firing at 2-3 shots per second until you fill your memory card!

With a 1G+card this canequate tominutes of 'motion picture' action with hundreds ofmaxpixels shots to capture the 'moment'.

It will be sad ifLumix SLRturns out tobe a beautifully made 'niche' camera and lens systemwhich does things few people need and even fewerare willing to payfor when there is already so much choiceavailable so much cheaper - including the Lumix's ownsuperzoom range

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