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Here's something from a couple of users at DPReview. I am the Gregm61 that asked the buffer question. The answer I gotis very encouraging:

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Nick, I gotta believe that your "new" Konica Auto S3 will blow away your Fujica Compact Deluxe. It's a sweet camera, with a lens that's Summicron quality optically.

NickTrop_redux wrote:
Oh, and one last comment about build quality. My favorite 35 that I use all the time - a Fujica Compact Deluxe (price - $20 shipped and a Q-tip and $1.89 for a bottle of white vinegar to clean the battery contact), rolled off the assembly line in 1967. It has a razor sharp 45/1.8 lens. It's never been serviced. Doesn't look new but functions and takes pictures as good now as the first roll of film that passed through the gate. Most of the cameras I use were made in the 60s and 70s and one from the 50s. My "newer" ones are from the late 80s, early 90s.

Do you really think that the electronics and tiny motors and chips and memory will hold up for 40 years? I think you're lucky if you get 5 years out of the damned things for your 1200 dollars, personally. Course, most of those who use digitals will have their eyes on the next digital - maybe that next Panasonic that fixed the vices of the first one - with a brighter finder, better buffer, another megapixel crammed into the same sensor, and the "Venus MX engine" (whatever that is, and what that is is the thing that's "really" in control of the camera instead of the user) long before then.
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