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Over at the pana forum at dpreview we have a new owners opinion on the DMC L1.
Here's the thread:


The images at the bottom third are some of the best that I've seen so far from the L1.



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thanks for the info. however, damn!!! I've seen 2 reviewers noted that this pricey little new and latest inovation need to wait for full buffer to be written before another raw picture can be taken. what the hell is panasonic doin???????? this is totally unacceptable for current technology! I have been looking forward and I'm in love with every aspects and everything about this camera, but why the poor buffer??? what is happening to the engineers??? no way to dmc-l1 now, for the price??? just for the sake of leica lens???? I'm so dissappointed especially when i've been looking forward towards this camera!! what a joke to me!

I hope the coming new firmware can do something with it just like konica minolta previous top range slr buffer improvement. or else, again, what a joke!
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What got my attention was the size of the "Leica" 14-50 lens. I see it mounted on an L-1next to an E-330 with a 7-14 mounted, and the 14-50 looks BIGGER! I own a 7-14 Zuiko- a superb lens, but this Panasonic lens dwarfs a 14-54 Olympus Zuiko.

Image stabilization ain't worth that much of a size difference, but then again, I wouldn't be interestedin the lens. It's the camera onlythat interests me, and I do think Panasonic will make some sort of firmware adjustment to address the buffer issue thats got everyone up in arms. They've put tons of thought into this product- I just can't see them letting such an issue pass.

Now that I think about it, the best possible play may be to buy the outfit and emmediately place the lens on eBay and let my fellow Oly users who've been clamoring for the lens try and outbid one another!

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