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I was wondering if fz50 owners here would post their camera settings that achieve the best results.

I got my fz50 about 2 weeks ago and Im finally starting to get more cosistent images that are relatively sharp and the noise levels are acceptable. I have had the most success using the shutter priority feature and the p mode. My focus has been on getting the camera to perform well in low light situations mostly. I am very happy with the cameras performance in bright daylight.

My settings are

Iso 100 or 200 and no more than 400 in low light.

White balance is auto for indoors, sunny or cloudy for outdoors.

Noise reduction=low

Auto bracketing +- 1/3

I adjust the shutter speed depending on the light situation

The following photo is iso 400 and a 1/4 second exposure taken with a tripod
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This photo is iso 200 and a 8 second exposure
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Looks like it is working well for you, I am still playing with mine to find what I like and do not like.
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Been shooting under very different cirtcumstances so far: airport, city, park, zooand a (failed)attempt on lightning (downpour started before i was ready to start shooting).

Sticking to A-prio round f4 mostly (best lens sharpness),
Contrast std, NR low, Sharpness std, Saturation std.

Pushing iso as last option to better sensitivity, got well acceptable results at 400. Raw required if expecting to print/show large, Jpeg enough for small stuff.

Further still trying this and that.

Cheerio! GB
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My set to overcome the FZ50 lack of deails is:

saturation= std/high depending on the light situation
Noise reduction=low

Iso 100, mainly P mode.
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Have not yet done much low light work, so can't help there.* My preferred settings for good or moderately good light outdoors are:* Contrast - Low;* Sharpness & Saturation - STD;* NR - Low;* ISO 100 wherever possible; *Auto WB. *I use P-Mode coupled with Program Shift mostly to be able to go for DOF where I need it or for the sweet spot of the lens where DOF is less important.* I find I get the best detail by using spot focus & F-Lock on an appropriate part of the scene (with clearly defiined verticals);* then Center-Weighted metering and half-press on another part of the scene to try for the correct exposure;* then recompose & shoot.* Sounds complex, but becomes faster with practice.* I found that STD or High Contrast tended to yield blown highlights (I will quite often set -1/3 EV with +/- 1/3 EV auto-bracket as well to help overcome this).* I occasionally reset Saturation to High on a dull day.* But I must stress that I am very much of a novice and still learning.
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