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I recently purchased a TZ1, after reading a number of reviews. I am in general quite happy with most of the pictures I have taken–about 400. However, I find that my camera does not always make (for me ) sensible choices for the shutter speed. For example, on my first day, it was a beautiful bright day in an open woods setting with lots of light. I was taking snaps of friends using either the simple mode or the basic photo mode. I found on close examination that a lot of pictures were taken in fairly good light situations with an F3.8 at 1/10 of a second, ISO200. In most circumstances the photos are have good lighting, however, if anyone moved the pictures are obviously blurred.*Since then I have been experimenting with the camera in particular with the sports action mode to see if I could expect the camera to choose a higher shtter speed consistently. This usually seems to be the case. However, I have one example of the same shot set up from a tripod and taken a few seconds apart.* In the sport mode the result was F5.0, 1/640, ISO 100 and with basic photo F5.0, 1/800, ISO100. Obviously there is a slight difference in the brightness but the choice for shutter speed seems backwards. There are lots of other examples of the camera rarely opening the aperture in order to allow faster shutter speeds. For example approaching sunset the sport mode was F3.6, 1/15, ISO 200 and the simple mode F3.6, 1/10, ISO 100. In almost all cases the aperture could have been opened and a faster shutter speed chosen.*I would like to be able to take snapshots of children or animals for example in reasonable light situations and not have to worry about them moving at the last moment. I could certainly do this with my Canon A75 (I lost it), which by the way took pictures with a lot less noise, but did not have a lot of other features like the awesome zoom, etc.Am I missing something, is this the nature of the camera, or is there something not quite right with the camera? I am trying to decide if I should take the camera back for something different or for exchange.I would be grateful for any suggestions or the experiences of others with this camera.
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