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And talk of the devil. There's a link to a comparative review of the TCON-17 and a Raynox teleconvertor used with a HP850 (another big lens, big zoom digicam) just been posted on dpreview. The link to the review (in French) is :


At maximum aperture for the lens where problems are expected to be greatest (F3.1) the difference in the results is very clear. The TCON-17 gives much sharper results free of the "colour fringing" that you see with the Raynox.
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Thanks, everything is much clearer now. A few years and I'll become a real pro.
I need tele converter, because I would really like to make nice football photos (the real football, not the american one). I thought 12 would be enough, but I found out that just a little bit more is needed.
However, I must say that plastic hood looks strange to me. I don't trust it completely.

You said this is for UZ Olympus models? Why is than this note at the bottom of the page (Adorama shop):
Note: This lens is not compatible with the C-700/720/730 Ultra Zoom models due to the type of lens design used by these models.

It seems we really need these forums, because we can't trust shops, not to mention manufacturers, who all say, that the only suitable lenses are from their company.
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I believe the B300 was not actually designed for the C700 models or even the C2100 before but was found to work well with them, then the C720 and so on. Some time after the B300 was discontinued the TCON-17 has now filled the same niche.

To be honest I hadn't given much thought to compatibility issues with the C700 series given that my only interest here was that both have been used successfully with the Panasonic.

A quick check on the dpreview site informs me that, despite the warning you mention appearing on the Olympus site, owners of these cameras have achieved results with this combination that they are more than happy with. There is a suggestion that new ED glass used in the TCON-17 is perhaps more fine-tuned for compatibility with the later models. But it seems the claim of incompatibility by Olympus is really, as you say Trdi, quite misleading.
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