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Very nice Beth Ellen, my favorite is the flower. I was surprised I could stop scratching long enough to type this, as I have a flaming case of poison ivy on my neck from lurking in the woods trying to get bird pics! Donna
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Tcook...you are right...I did enjoy doing this.

Thanks Donna... Oh no...Poison Ivy...I hope you got some nice pics after that. This don't compare but when I decided to do photography I got more mosquito bites this year than any other. lol. I would go out at night to find bugs...but it was worth it.
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Concerning the Pics: I loved the third one. Absoulutely stunning!

Very well done experiments-we coined the expression "to McGyver" sth. :idea:-in respect to the TV series (you could even use the Original sense of "Hack")-only difference-you are not allowed to blow effects out of proportion -like 90% of the time in the series.

I mcgyvered some driver circuits for 5 1/4" Disks (Yes, that was before USB Sticks...) to use on a weekend with my Atari (Yes, not all computers were PC`s then). This sentence was a usage example of the verb, I mcgyvered it on the fly.

And you even used some adhesvive band (Duct tape ? Insulatimg tape? We had some very special adhesive tape in the Military, called "Panzerband", lateron I discoverd that it was and is originally used by roadies-I think it is called gaffer-tape!) Very good, gives extra points for style!

And-it worked! Full marks all around.
(Bonus points if you nicked something to build it or used a swiss army knife or a Leatherman (I have the Swiss Tool nowadays, counts double, but weighs more than a pound...):G). Special Points if you have someone sitting by who says "It will not work" or "You will brake it" while building it.:blah:

Thanks a lot for the pics and the building, that was very inspiring!

@Donna: Get well soon! I dunno what the cause of the Poision Ivy Problems is-if it is somewhat alergic calcium seems to help.

Btw-I was to lazy to Mcgyver the Adapters until now-maybe I´ll try something . When I have time.


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fmoore, and seemolf, just might take you into their exclusive club, if you keep up these inovative methods.. To belong you have to use lego blocks, tape, pvc and what have you laying around.

Great shots and well done. I am turning green.

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Old Oct 29, 2006, 5:07 AM   #15
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One thing I should mention is that the Raynox 150/250 lens are flush with the threads while this Elpro is set perhaps a couple mm's (don't know my mm's) deeper and then with the little ring I am using it pushes it a bit further from the main lens. This is clearly not the best solution but it was fun making it work with what I have. )

Oh, and my lens was a bit smudged when I took these pictures...might have affected the outcome.
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Old Oct 29, 2006, 5:36 AM   #16
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heh heh good to see you experimenting....and the joy is always seeing the results!

I don't think an mm or 2 will do any difference. Even for my Fz10 setup, there is a UV filter inbetween so thats already some mm, and for the 6T+sigma CU setup, there is a step down ring in-between, which adds some more mm....so it should be fine!
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Cheers to you BethEllen for joining the special club!!! And my favourite photo is #2 of the flower. So is this lens stronger than the Raynox 150?
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Good work!
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