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It's been a while since I've posted some photos here, but I recently went out for a couple shoots in the woods and thought I'd share some of the images. Sorry if this post gets a bit image heavy.

A few weeks ago, I went for a walk in some nearby woods and found that the whitetail deer were out in droves. The path I take to the woods overlooks a playground, and there were a number of them out there on the baseball field. Apparently I'm not particularly stealthy as they spotted me almost immediately. Thanks to the FZ30's impressive burst capability, I managed to get a few decent shots as they took off into the trees.

Here's a closeup crop of the previous shot. I thought it was interesting how the two deer in the center were quite clear while the rest was blurred.

Further down the path there is a decent view of an open field. Apparently the deer headed straight for the field. I managed to get one or two good shots before they noticed me this time.

Shooting through the trees was a bit tricky. This would have been easier with a DSLR, but nearly impossible for me with just about any other digicam.

The main reason I had come out in the first place was to check out what kind of damage was left from the surprise snowstorm.

On October 13th we had an overnight storm that dropped record amounts of snow in the area, damaging trees all over Western New York, taking down so many power lines that hundreds of thousands lost power and utilities. Many didn't get all their utilities back for nearly a month.

I took a good number of photos, and though there were trees everywhere with large broken off branches, they didn't really photograph well. Perhaps I'll post a separate thread of photos I took the day after the storm.

Anyway, on the way back from the woods, I was surprised to notice someone hiding in the bushes along the path. When I stopped to take some pictures he turned and looked at me.

Can you see him? When he was facing to the left originally he was pretty hard to spot.

Here's a bit more close up of a view.

I didn't know exactly why he was standing there, it seemed like he was waiting for me. Perhaps he wasn't happy about me scaring off all the does.

The path had a line of small trees and bushes running down the middle, so I stepped to the other side of that line and slowly walked by.

He stepped out of the bushes and stared at me. This was from about 5 feet away. I only took a few shots and I didn't want to stand there too long. The focus was a bit off so I spent some time in Photoshop on this one.

Here's a closeup crop of that photo. He may not look very intimidating in the photo, but it can be a bit unnerving to have a buck approach you this closely.

I kept on walking and got this shot of him making sure I left.

I came back a few days ago. The deer weren't all over the place like they were last time, but I did see a couple larger bucks out there. I followed them around for a while and managed to get a few decent shots.

The setting sun made for some rather dramatic lighting, though not exactly ideal conditions for this camera. Only a couple shots came out in good focus.

A closeup crop.

I'm guessing this guy is some years older, but perhaps it's just the beat-up condition he's in. It looks like he was in a fight recently with that scarred patch on his face and the nick in his antlers.

Thanks for looking!
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I wonder why they call them White Tail Deer:-) Look at the size of the necks on the bucks, good thing you didn't look like a doe.:-) Seriously though, nice series of shots, looks like you really enjoyed watching them.
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This is an outstanding series with an excellent commentary. I thought the first ones with the deer fleeing is very expressive

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Old Nov 24, 2006, 11:01 PM   #4
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Very nice series. You did run into a bunch of them........................Don
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Thanks for posting them ... great series and realy love the first 3 shots - Ronny
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I, too, like the first ones and the way their tails comes up when they run is so cute!!!
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Thanks! The shots of them running aren't my favorites, but I'm glad you guys like them. I'm usually disappointed when I end up with a bunch of photos of them running away.

Here's a question, does anyone understand how the shake reduction works?

I'm using mode 2 which activates when you shoot. I swear it looks like it's responding to the deer's movement and not my own.
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A nice wildlife series. You did gooood.

FZ 30, Nikon TCE17, QuikAim Max RDS, Zeiss Digiscope/Sony W7

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