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Old Nov 28, 2006, 9:05 PM   #1
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i can't imagine having to ride a motorcycle in this weather... it's 17 degrees outside right now, and it's only 7 PM... could well get into the single digits tonite, and there's a chance of more snow tomorrow evening. now this may not seem cold to some folks here, but for this part of the world, where it seldom drops below freezing even at night, temps in the teens are cause for burst pipes, car wrecks, and closed schools. folks here just aren't used to it, and they certainly don't know how to drive in it!!

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Old Nov 28, 2006, 9:09 PM   #2
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Hi Squirl. I thought you'd be getting this blast of winter too. Ha ha. Supposed to be just a memory by the w'end. Keep warm.....cheers.......Don.
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Old Nov 29, 2006, 3:34 AM   #3
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-8°C isn't that bad, I can't feel a difference in temp as soon as it starts freezing. The wind cools that much that if you haven't got a decent suite it just hurt, don't think about feeling the cold it's way beyond that.

The bigest problem is more the snow - how the streets are and if it snows when you're driving, because I haven't found a helmet with window wipers yet, and anything that drops stays on your windscreen.

Would like to have snow, but this picture seriously diminishes that wish.


NB: I'm such a freak that rides his bike the year through (honda deauville) :?
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Old Nov 29, 2006, 7:07 AM   #4
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I envy you the snow, great shot! donna
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Old Nov 29, 2006, 7:28 AM   #5
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Wow, that does look cold. Can't bear the thought of that cold steel between my legs. BRRR!!!:G
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Old Nov 29, 2006, 8:38 AM   #6
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Not meaning to steal the thunder from your nice picture, but just thought you all might like this picture. It's kind of the same theme, isn't it?!?:blah:

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Old Nov 30, 2006, 9:56 PM   #7
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squirl033, No thanks being on that motorcycle in that weather just does not make me want to try it.

FZ 30, Nikon TCE17, QuikAim Max RDS, Zeiss Digiscope/Sony W7

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Old Dec 4, 2006, 12:14 PM   #8
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I knew it rained a lotin Washington Statein the winter but I'm suprised that it does't snow more than it does. Just doesn't seem right with you being as far North as you are.

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