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I have been playing with photos of this location (The Red Stair) for a while. It offers a wealth of opportunities.

Below are a number of photos on essentially the same theme. They are straight out of the camera (FZ30) with a resize for the web

Am interested in knowing which people think are worth having a solid play with in PP to make something of them.

First the location for your information

A few solos




And a couple in company



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I actually think it is quite neat and I imagine if you observed this spot over the course of a few days, you could get some very neat shots as you already have.
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It looks like there is quite a few places where different angles meet. I would concentrate on all of those areas and maybe leave out the people. It would make a neat study in angles and colors.......................Don
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great series of shot's, I'm getting interrested what happens next. :-)

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What an interesting photographic concept! You clearly gave the subject a lot of thought and I enjoyed the results. My favourites are #1 and #3. I liked #1 because of the story it presented by juxtaposing the angles, planes and colours of the stair aginst the straight horizontals and verticals of the background buildings. The figures add a sense of vibrancy as well as providing scale. I like the composition. I wonder if there is a time of day when the sunlight might bring out the colours and planes in the stairs more forcibly? If so, I would really like to see the result. I liked #3 because it really drew my attention to the play of light on the various surfaces (in this I tend to agree with d-sr's comments). The lone figure is useful in giving scale, but you have successfully de-emphasised it by placing the person at the side and having him look out of the picture. What a neat idea! I hope you won't mind my rambling on like this, but it may give you an idea of how much your photos peaked my interest. Please post again!
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Annie, Don, Ronnie and WindRowe

Thanks all taking the time to look and sharing your thoughts so generously. Some good ideas and suggestions in that lot for me to think about.

WindRowe, no need to apologise. Some are brief. Some of us though tend to take a little longer to explain our thoughts. Both are valuable.

I will post the PP results when I get them.
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