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For the posters here and the help I have received since I have joined, I have nothing to say buy:

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Mark1616 wrote:
At the end of the day my plan is not to change the world unless other people think it is for the best, I just wanted to find out the reasons why and ensure that everyone here is getting the best out of Steve's and for me I think posting in the individual photo sections allows people with expertise, interest etcin those styles to learn more and advise more..... for example I don't often comment on architecture or wildlife as I don't have the experience and as yet have not put the time to taking these style shots so have not posted there either.
Mark, not to put too fine a point on it, but unless you're a mod, you're not going to change anything anyway. i agree, as i mentioned before, that posting in both the manufacturers' forums and in the general forums is a great idea, but for many of us, the Panny board is sort of like home. i've been here for 2 years, made friends and lost friends, but always enjoyed seeing other members' work, sharing my own, and learning from what i see and read. and, when i can, itry to share what i've learned tohelp those with less experience to improve their skills as well. i do post frequentlyin the general forums, mostly landscape and wildlife (at least when the weather's decent enough to let me get out and take some shots!), occasionally in the close-up forum, andhave gotten somevaluable feedback there, no question. numerous others from the Panny board have done the same, especially if, like me, they've ventured into the world of DSLRs and want to share and learn from folks more familiar with those advanced tools.

but the Panny board is unique. if you doubt me, go look at the other manufacturers' boards. Canon, Pentax, Sony, pick any one you want. the discussions there are usually centered on technical issues, problems, 'why-won't-my-camera-do-this?" questions, etc. there's seldom any real sense of community, people don't share their work and discuss it like they do here. look at the number of threads and posts here, compared to any other maker'sboard... Panny has 'em all beat, andit's not just a matter of the camera's properties or capabilities. it's about the users, folks who come together to share, learn and grow, and make friends in the process. to me, that is THE highest and best use of Steve's or any other forum...

at the end of the day, it's nice that you're concerned that we're getting the most out of Steve's, and yourinterest is appreciated. but - for myself, at least - this board exemplifies what the whole thing is all about. i don't think you need to worry about us.
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Ideally, the manufacturers Forums would only have images posted as a way to assist in showing a problem or make a point. But, that's not really the reason the Forums are here...Steve wants the Forums to be fun for the members. So, the members pretty much decide what they think is fun to them.

Our job as Mods is to keep things civil & hunt down & kill Spammers......99% of what we do is behind the scenes.
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And you guys do a great job Kalypso.

I think Squirl has a point about the Pano forum being different to the rest be this good or bad. I guess in that case I would encourage people to look into the photo sections to share knowledge and sometimes get advice from people (such as Squirl does in Wildlife) who have more experience.
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I like some of the others here post on other forums. I post on the wildlife forum since 95% of my photos are of free ranging wildlife. What I have found is the most help comes from here. I use a Panasonic FZ30 and many if not most of the posters on the wildlife forum don't understand the FZ30.

Last year when I decided to try something new "Stalking Wildlife Photos" I received a lot of help and and enthusiasm about my idea here. It was not the same on the wildlife forum because it was something they hadn't seen and not the way its always been done.


FZ 30, Nikon TCE17, QuikAim Max RDS, Zeiss Digiscope/Sony W7
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Ever since I've decided that the Pana FZ30 was the camera for me, Steve's Pana forum became my home. Here I made friends and learned a lot from different individuals with expertize in different aspects of photography. I think that everyone of us in this forumthatdo notposses the expertise ofothers,feelcomfortableto post pictures that might nobe up to par andask questions on how to improve without feeling intimidated or ridiculed.

I believe that ifanyonehas the need topost in different forums eventually will do so. I wish though, that they do not stray away and remain here.

To those that helped, guided and tolerated me all these months with my constant questions, a BIG thank you. You have contributed to my knowledge and enjoyment of photography.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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I think as Rocky (squirl033) pointed out, the participation in this forum speaks for itself. I went to the landscape forum and looked around a bit and found that there were some posts with no responses some with 1 or 2 responses and some with 15 or more. Now, perhaps the posts with very few or no responses were not great shots and the ones with 15 or more were great shots, but if the purpose of posting to those forums is to be helped and learn shouldn't the "bad" shots warrant a lot of responses to help them improve? How is one supposed to learn if there are no responses to pictures they post?
The Panny forum isn't broke so there is no need to try and fix it.
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Hi Mark,

Listen i think this is a great ideal, as you know i've only been into photography for a few months and have posted a couple of pictures..But, Half the time i think people in here just can't be bothered with Newbies..."YOU", have Critique my work, but by this time 200 plus members have viewed what i've posted with no comments and surely my Pics aren't that BAD!!!!

I'll Post and hopefully won't be Dis-Reguarded...Bye Others!!
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Squirl speaks for me also...I have posted in a number of other forums, and enjoy it, but this is where I have found friends, not just advice, and much support. I am always eager to see what my pana friends are doing with their cameras, and this is where I know I will find them. I posted this very question on thecanon forum lastweekand they prefernot to have photos posted for the purpose of just sharing...that's okay too, I have this forum for that. donna
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Another take on this......I have no delusions of being a photographer.....I am only a picture taker, mostly my own enjoyment.....but every once in a while I get a photo that I feel perhaps some other Panny owners (FZ owners in particular). may enjoy seeing.

If there was any thattook into account the rule of thirds or the scene may be too busy, or the light draw-edyour eyetoward the subject, it would all be by accident.

So therefore of no interest at all to a real photographer.

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