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I have been trying to take pictures of my son playing hockey, but the action shots are blurred. I have been shooting in the sports mode, with little luck, any suggestions? thanks.
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While I have never used a TZ1, one thing I can tell you..... to take photos of people playing sports you need a shutterspeed of at least 1/250 of a second, perhaps faster. To accomplish that indoors or under lights at night usually requires you to use at least ISO800 and perhaps ISO1600.

Modes such as sports mode make some assumptions.....while it gives a priority to try and give you a faster shutterspeed it may not be willing to up the ISO and it may make a choice of focus styles or modes that you are not accustom to using .....see if you can manually raise the ISO and get familiar with how it focuses.

Hopefully someone can give you more help than I did.
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I own a TZ1 and am planning to get rid of it (give it to my son). Then of course I will be forced to get another camera.:-) I love the zoom on the TZ1 but the lack of manual controls limits the camera for things like action shots in anything but very good light. You can try raising the ISO and that might help some. I am not sure if there is any pocket camera that will do good on action shots in low light.
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You are going to be limited due the the capabilities of the camera however with a little practise you might be able to get some good panning shots.

Do you know what shutter speeds you have been able to get? If you are getting at least 1/30th or so then you have a chance. Basically follow the player across the ice making sure you keep them in the middle then shoot away. If you have done it well you will have a blurred background with the player sharp.

In general for stop action you are pretty stuck without a dSLR and a f2.8 or faster lens to allow a good shutter speed.

Let us know how you get on.


OK so this is not hockey but it should give youan idea

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Thanks guys, you have some good ideas,i'll keep practicing.
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