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romerojpg Jan 24, 2007 1:13 PM

Well I want another flash to sinc up to my Macro pics etc.. as the flash on the camera isnt great for Macro as its too damn slow and isnt an instant flash and overheats too after a while.

So I am based in the UK and want a fairly cheap compatible Flash unit for my Panasonic FZ30, I would like something that can be hand hed so it doesnt have to stuck to the top of the camera, but I would expect they wont be cheap.

I wouldnt mind one that attatches to the top mind you, but I like the idea of a flash gun/moveable unit. Still depending on price after all as I dont want to spend much at all, just a flash that I can sinc up to my camera and maybe do it with the burst mode on the camera? is that even possible?

I know many of you have a massive variety of Flashes with your cameras so this will be the best place to ask, it doesnt have to be the best of the best, just something more than my built in one does now, as I miss a lot of pictures when it takes so long to charge up.

Any help will be great, and if you can say where they will be avialble will be also great, as most places work out costing loads with delivery, esspecially overseas. UK Ebay would be good, but again not knowing exactly what to get doesnt hep me yet.

Let the help begin :-) thanks J.P.

genece Jan 24, 2007 8:07 PM

I know you folks have a hard time getting the Sunpak flashes but that is what I am familiar with the 383 and it comes with a PC sync cord but you will need a hot shoe adapter to connect the cord to.......My guess is metz makes a similar flash.

If you had the 383 and the cord that comes with it and this adapter you could indeed remotely fire the flash in burst mode.

Sync adapter

Sunpak 383

romerojpg Jan 25, 2007 11:45 AM

Thanks :)

The UK really get stupid I find as we have the evil CUSTOMS :mad: and they alwsys get all my packages, they had about £300 out of me last year, I hate having to pay more on top of what I already paid. The thing is things need to be under £18, which really isnt possible.

I keep looking for Sunpack flashes and yes they seem thin on the ground in the UK, esspecially isnt great as most nearly all sellers are based in other countries. Need to find a UK stocker at an ok price.

I recently bought the Raynox 250 Macro lens for £19 delivered in the UK, which is great as I paid £35 for the Raynox 150 from america! :P

genece Jan 26, 2007 6:52 AM

There are a couple other sunpak flashes that are the same as the 383 that perhaps you can find used on Ebay....the 422 - 433 and 444 I believe.

Perhaps the vivitar 285 HV has the same feature....

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