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I need some advice with what accessories i should get for my fz20. Firstly what is the best thread size for an adaptor/tube, 72,62,58mm. Secondly what is a good but no too expensive telephoto and wide angle lens to use. I tend to use ebay to look for products coz you never know when you could snap up a good deal. Right now there is an offer for a lens kit for $120 usd. It entails 1 - TOKINA 3X TELEPHOTO 52MM REAR THREAD, 1 - 0.45 MACRO 67MM FRONT THREAD, 3FILTERS-UV/PL/FL, A BAG, A MINI AND 48IN TRIPOD, LCD PROTECTOR, CLEANING KIT, AND THE ADPTOR TUBE FOR BOTH LENSES. (sounds too good to be true)
In a forum in here i read that the Olympus TCON-17 is a good lens attachment. I also researched the Pemaraal Adaptor ( PA62H or PA62). Any thoughts on these 2 items?
But sadly i am a novice in these areas and if there is someone who would be kind enough to offer his/her expert advice/opinion , i would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you so much for taking the time to even read this request.

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I went for the Raynox RT5264P adapter (52mm front thread) and have had no cause to regret my purchase.

I've since added a Raynox DCR-6600Pro wide-angle adapter (excellent!), a Raynox DCR-1540Pro tele converter (not as good, but it works and it's inexpensive), a Nikon 4T macro (excellent, but sadly no longer available, I believe) and a couple of spare (cheap Chinese -- now about 22 months old and still working OK) batteries.

I'll admit my initial choice of the Raynox adapter was because I already owned a number of 52mm filters, a trio of Hoya + filters and some video lenses (now passed on with their camera) that fitted it, but I'd definitely go the same way again.

I'd be somewhat dubious of the Tokina 3X lens' performance on the FZ20 -- that equates to some 1290mm (432mm x 3) in 35mm terms and would be quite hard to use.

You'd probably find you'd use it very little, even if its performance on the FZ was good (and that's open to question.)
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Those cheap lens at x2 or x3 from Tokina/Opteka/Crystal Optics etc you see on ebay are poor choices for any camera and especially for a good camera like the FZ20.

Why degrade the image quality by putting poor cheap glass in front of good glass ?

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I use JKadaptors and c-rings. They are a little more expensive than some but made with good metal. Along with the adaptor, the C-rings get the add-on lens closer to the camera lens. Any size you choose is fine or you can e-mail Jerry @ Jk and ask his opinion.

I use the Raynox 6600 Pro wide angle andTCON17 telephoto. If yo watch you can usually find a good deal on both on e-bay


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I can assure you that 3X tokina lens does not work on the FZ cameras......I have a friend that insisted on trying one ...it does not work.

About the adapters , the Phayee,Raynox, Pemaraal , and Lovelifes C-ring adapter all work very well on the FZ20.... And these folks have researched the adapters very well. Dollar for dollar its hard to beat the Raynox adapter.....and for the absolute best, Lovelifes is IMHO the very best, but the difference between the adapters may or may not be worth the added cost.

This does not seem logical but it makes no difference in which size adapter you get, if most oflenses/filters are 55mm get that size but if the lenses are 52mm that would be your best choice......52mm is large enough.....as I said these folks made very good products.

I have each of these adapters and a couple that are no longer made and they will all work fine......As I said lovelifes, if its still available ,has an option (C-ring instead of steprings)that keeps the correct distance from the camera lens....if it had been available a few years ago that would have been the only one I ever needed, but in my search for the perfect one ,I tried them all and I can tell you they all will work for you.

The Tcon 17 is a good lens for the FZ20 and the Tcon14B while not as powerful is sharper....there are others that work.....here is some info on that.

Keep in mind anything that applies to the FZ10 also applies to the FZ20

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i thank everyone for the wonderful feedback.
with info i rec'd i can start searching for some good deals.
i would like to post some pix i have taken with simple p+s cameras and i will ask for your opinions.
pls be honest coz i intend to use your opinions to decide whether i should take photography a step further.
clikking out

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