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Telecorder wrote:
It is nothing more than the equivalent of an internal crop in the camera.
Not really.. there is a bit more 'value-added' aspects to it, IMO...

I liken Pany's design for EOZ to modifying the inherent 'base crop factor' of the lens' cone of light onto the sensor. Just as my Nikon D50's base crop factor of 1.5X the lens 35mm focal length, the Pany FZ30 has a base crop factor of ~4.73X the lens' 35mm focal length. (420mm EQ / 88.8mm lens = ~4.73X base crop factor)

Pany's EOZmasks the sensor edgesto modify this base crop factor to afford an 'apparent' increase in the base crop factor...

True, there is no additional image data being imparted/captured but the increase in the subject's imaged-size, relative to the reduced LxW of the image canvas, is 'equivalent' to havingimaged the subject with a longer 35mm lens' focal length when using a 35mm film camera system.

The inherent, value-added,advantages of utilizing the Pany's EOZ over later, post-image cropping on a PC, IMHO,are:

>>WYSIWYG Composition at time of imaging;

>>AF & Exposure metered areas cover more of the subject in the EOZ mode and afford for a better exposed image at the time of the image which can't usually be accomplished by post-image cropping/processing on a PC;

>>Better ability to preview the IQ/sharpness in the field of an EOZ image over post-image PC cropping of the image --since one can step-zoom deeper/closerinto the image just after the image was taken.

Like any add-on lens, the use of a TC (or filter, for that matter) will degrade the image quality to a larger or lesser extent since the light passing through any additional glass will lose some %. Some of the better UV(O) filters claim a 99+% transmissivity of the light through its glass... add in a few more glass lens elements in a TC and there is a potential for loss of more % of available light being lost. Keep in mind that the Leica lens' glass elements are 'tuned' for the best IQ through its zoom range. Adding a TC's additional lens elements won't equal or improve on this 'finely-tuned' set of integrated glass lens elements.

So, I agree,if one is able to get the reach with the EOZ approach, it will usually have a better exposure/IQ than achieving the same reach by virtue of using a shorter focal length + TC. (ie -- IQ for an image taken using EZ 5-MP at ~15X zoom for ~510mm reach > 300mm focal length x 1.7X TC for same reac
If you like it by all means use it. To me it adds noting to the usefulness of the camera. But, my original point was that it does not replace the need for a teleconverter for shots needing additional magnification. If it were truly an increase in magnification then a picture shot at 12X zoom and 3mp and one shot at 12X zoom and 10mp would be different sizes when viewed at full size, 100% and they are not, they are the same size.
On the pictures below both were shot at 300mm, the first was shot at 10mp and the second at 3mp. The exif of the 10mp shot shows it was shot at 305mm and the exif of the 3mp shot shows it was shot at 543mm. I can see no difference in the images and there should be a huge difference in an image shot at 305mm and one shot at 543mm IMHO.

And that's all I got to say about that!!

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Your point is well taken.....its just as with most things I see no point in viewing at 100%......But it does show that if a large print is needed you would be better off with the full resolution photo and a teleconverter......but if its for a smaller print or the monitor....the EZ version will be fine.

I think it does boil down to if you do not like EZ there is no need for you to use it.

Just one more thing ......I would not write off digital zoom either......would I use it all the time ....not at all, but can it be another tool....yes it can.......I really wish Panasonic would have left quick access to it like the FZ10 and 20, andnot burieddeep in the menu.

This is the marvel of digital cameras and why things should be easy and quick to access ....the photos are free , try all the tools and see what you prefer under avariety ofconditions.

And my opinion is based on the fact that I do very little printing of photos......out ofmany thousands ofphotos from my Vacation last year I printed about 100 and 7 of those at 20 X 30 inches........while 1800 are on slideshows on DVDs to view on monitors and TVs......and 3 mp photos hold up real well for that use.

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the IQ recorded by the sensor is the same at max EZ zoom settings as it is at 12x optical, it's just that because you're using less of the sensor's available area ( 8mp or 5Mp or whatever the lower resolutions are for the EZ zoom, vs10Mp at 12x), you have to enlarge the output to match the original image size. when you spread fewer pixels over the same area, each pixel gets larger, and IQ suffers. it may or may not be visible, depending on the degree of enlargement, but it is there. most people don't print anything larger than an 8x10, and at that size, you probably wouldn't notice the IQ loss much, since the difference in print quality between 5 or 8Mp and 10Mp at that size or smaller isn't really obvious. but at larger print sizes, you will definitely see the difference. just remember,no form of electronic "zoom" will produce image quality superior to, or even equal to,the optical-only zoom.

as for adding a TC, well, that depends. generally speaking, adding a converter of any sort results in some degree of image degradation, either due to lens distortion or light loss. it's been my experience, using the TCON series, that the TCON14B reduces image quality least of all. in many cases, there is no noticeable loss of IQ with the TCON14B on my FZ20. the TCON17, however,is not as sharp, and introduces significantly more blur. if i had to choose, i'd take a clear 1.4x over a "soft" 1.7x any day...

the best way to look at using EZ zoom, or even a converter,is to use it only if failure to do so would mean missing the shot. if you can get closer ("zoom with your feet"), and use the base optical zoom, do it. if you can't do that and you have a converter - a GOOD one - then use it. if neither of those options is open to you, as a last resort, use electronic "zoom" to enlarge the image, but realize that you will lose some IQ.
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