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Nice shots. I love the old Packard power plant, everything you might have to work on is right there in the open. Pop the hood on a modern car and there's hardly room to turn a wrench.
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Idle, like Annie said, those are some really neat photos. I also like things of the past. I've always thought maybe I should have been born sooner, but overall I think I do enjoy the comforts and convenience that life offers today. Very nice photos, and well captured. Thanks for sharing.
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Nice shots and thanks for sharing them. When I see an old car like that I dream of rebuilding one but I know that's not going to happen.
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Very interesting photos,. You've included names of companies that I never heard before!
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Those old cars look pretty good. And the Packard engine bay is nice and roomy. You have neat events in your neck of the woods.
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Looks like a fun day. Always interesting to see old equipment/machinery
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Old Feb 19, 2007, 9:33 PM   #17
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Thanks all for your interest and comments.

It was a fun day, though hot and dusty.

A clearing sale like this is still quite an event in country areas — I remember going to many of them in younger days when we were farming.

We had one of the Fordson tractors exactly like the one in the photo — it was one of the few pieces of machinery that I ever really hated.

A good pair of horses could (and did) easily out-pull it, it was hard to start, hot, smelly, noisy, uncomfortable and dangerous (under heavy load it would climb up at the front and could flip over backwards if you didn't kick the clutch in a hurry.)

The reason for its poor drawbar performance was the worm drive, which wailed like a banshee, warmed the driver's backside more than somewhat and ate most of the engine's output.

It was quite good for stationary work from the belt pulley, though.

The engine was in many ways similar to Ford's Model T and produced about the same power, started on petrol, switched to power kerosene once hot and pulled best when boiling, so you needed to top up the radiator several times a day.
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