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A very difficult choice.If you ask me which picture is by FZ-10 & FZ-30,I wont be able to say .Still with whatever the images I remember ,I think P2 & P4 appears to be sharp to me.This is a "subjective".But asking me which picture is by which camera,"Sorry Boss I am gone" SIMPLE sentance- 'I don't know'.If you ask me which Picture appears to be sharp ,I am on. (frankly, I am not expert in that,my requirement is simple - I want my picture "sharp and stunning" as simple as that, If you say -"at that 3 MP you get the sharp pic. which I can print to 24" by 30" without "loss of sharpness". I will go for it.Incidently I am " Nikon man ",FZ-30 is trusted upon me,initially I am very unhappy with it,but slowly it is growing on me.As you have rigthly say, "manual focusing is a pain" that night shooting become a headache for me.And whatever you have said in your posting about about the colour and exposure bias , I totally agree with you.B'coz I also maintain more or less the same setting as yours.I use to wonder that time is something wrong with my head,but now I see more people are there who has similar feeling.So I am not alone)
Thanks for sharing the knowladge, you have been quite helpful to me
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