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zonaphoto Mar 16, 2007 1:37 PM

For those of you who use the oly fl-36 or fl-50 flash with your fz50, do you switch from ttl to auto when you use the bounce flash? I noticed that when the flash is not pointed straight, the it does not display most of the setting information, are you not supposed to use the ttlauto setting with bounce?

WindRowe Mar 16, 2007 3:50 PM

As soon as the flash head is moved from the "straight on" position, most of the settings information disappears off the flash display because it is no longer applicable. TTL mode measures the incident light during pre-flash and adjusts the flash output accordingly - until you go beyond the limits of the flash.
So I use TTL mode most of the time (whether bouncing or direct or using a diffuser) and, if necessary, adjust the aperture and/or flash output if review of the shot shows the exposure to be off.
At least, that is my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps. The FL-36 manual is not particularly informative on this issue.

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