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Hi Sven , thanks for that....plenty of thought provoking stuff there. I`ll certainly be experimenting with different lighting methods etc given the opportunity. I intend to try different types of material to diffuse the flash......presently my diffuser for the onboard flash is made from several layers of opaque plastic and works ok most of the time, but with shiny subjects like ladybirds the flash is still a bit severe.I`ll keep plodding on until I suss it out.....thanks again.

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seemolf wrote:
Hi Mark,

shooting ladybirds is a terrible task.

Reflections are always strange and the object is too "thick" for the restricted DOF range.

The following picture was taken yesterday with a FZ5, reversed 50mm lens, a light tent and several flashes.

Using available light was no option, pictures in full sunlight looked like your example above:

Nervertheless members of our "premier league" like tchuanye manage this light problem with one or two bouncedflashes. - There is still some hope!

I am planning to use a diffusing mesh for the hard sunlight in these cases.

The next one was taken with abounced FZ5 onboard flash a long time ago. (needs some NR..)

So, try it again - the next pictures will be even better!




A different solution - take the big ones:

I was just looking at your pictures and I was wondering if you have tried using a polarizing filter to eliminate some of the reflections from the lighting. I don't know if it will help but it might be worth trying out.

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thanks vaiboy,
Using two polarizers (one for the flash and one for the camera) is a good trick to avoid hard reflections. But this would not help with bounced flash lights - as far as I know.
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I don't see any problem with that picture. If you want a still better picture, then catch it, wash it, polish if necessary and set it on a dark or green background and shoot! (just kidding).
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