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If you always have good exposures you won't need noise reduction. If you don't get sick you won't need medicine.

Then there's the real world. I guess you could just not take the photos if the exposure wasn't perfect. It took a long time for me to get out of that film mindset. Get plenty of memory and take the photo even if the light isn't perfect. And use noise reduction software to correct the noise if it shows on your chosen output.

You won't degrade the image or sharpness if you use a plug-in version and learn the intricacies of selections. You can get by with the community or demo version of whatever, but it is a lot more work. You have to import the noise reduced version and layer it with the unedited version. Then do things like edge selection and eliminate the edges and detail from the noise reduction. Better to select the flat areas with bothersome noise and delete just those from the normal overlay to the noise reduced version. It is a lot easier with a plug-in.

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Noise reduction software is a tool that can save shot's you would have thrown away. It's not always possible to get enough light or the correct exposure.

I've found Noise Ninja the easiest and best to use.

Its not only the noise reduction that works noise ninja can also be used to sharpen your shots.

Just my 5cents - Ronny

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