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So, a few days ago I posted a couple pictures of a hawk sitting by the cemetery pond after it's morning bath. (clickable picture)

Today, same pond, a bit around the end from where the hawk was sunning, was this turtle. Two shots attached. First shot, whole turtle. He was a bit large (maybe 15 inch shell) and I notice his head not as focused as the rest of him. I guess a deeper aperture would have helped, but then I would have had a blurry turtle due to the shakes and slower shutter. So then I took a number of shots where I focused just on the head. That worked, except the turtle was so large he would not all fit in the frame. I would dearly love to run a tape measure along this turtle from head to tail, but he is a little wary and split when people walked by. And I had my wife in the car. She freaks when the son or I play with snappers. Which is rough as he has four as pets. Anyway, on with the pictures, showing, between turtle and hawk, why I renamed the pond.

Forgot to mention, turtle pictures are uncropped and take with C-180. And, I took a bunch of shots like the second one. And discovered that when turtles blink they keep their eye shut for a very long time.
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That looks like one happy turtle sunning herself (somehow I think it's a girl). In the second picture the head is very sharp. Though, I wish more of the turtle was in the frame, but considering they move soooo fast, I can understand that a little bit of turtle is better than none:lol:.......:P.................ouch that hurt! OK, OK. I'm sorry!!! I didn't mean to rile you all up

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Thats one mean looking Turtle......both shots are great. Excellent sharpness in the second shot.

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WOW, that is a neat tortoise!!! Great shots of him and I am amazed at how long his tail is!!
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Hey Happy, are you sure there isn't a gator eating that turtle from behind ?

You have an enviable range of wildlife close to you. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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