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PantsUK wrote:
Thanks for all your comments guys !!!

but posting tghem all up is a proper hassle ... can anyone post up how to do it easily like click and drag a whole bunch of photos etc etc


I know a little program that does that, but it is in portuguese.
However i can explain how with 3 or 4 clicks you can upload a bunch a pictures.

Go here: http://www.o-guardiao.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=303
and download : MassImageUploader v1.0 Alpha 5

Installing it, what you should know: Seguinte means Next, Aceito o contracto means I accept the terms and conditions

How to use it to upload pictures:

1-Run the program
2-Click on the button Selecionar and chose the pictures you want to upload
3-Chose the host from the options (imageshack, etc)
4-Chose if you want to post a big image or a clickable miniature that will open a big image (Imagem Grande=Big Image ; Miniatura com url...=Miniature)
4.5-Chose BBcode
5-To upload the images click on the button Enviar Imagens
6-Wait until it finishes the upload
7-Click on the button Copiar to copy the pictures to the forum
8-Create a post press control+v. All done. (guess i was wrong about the 3 or 4 clicks:-) but its pretty easy)

PS: the program is free.

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Thanks every1 and special thanks to Lucu 1st post ... keep up the good work !!!!!
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