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Mark H wrote:
Auto settings only work with cameras that have TTL flash configuration I think...thats probably why your shots are dark.
It's got 3 auto ranges on it. But, auto means that the flash controls it's own output by measuring reflected light for the aperture and ISO speed shown on the flash.

The camera needs to be set to match for ISO speed and aperture since there is no communication between the flash and the camera except for triggering the flash.

Then, you can shoot within the distances shown on the flash for the Auto Range selected.

For example, one range may show 4 to 30 feet at f/4 and ISO 100. If you move the slider for ISO speed, the aperture you can use will change. For example, move the slider to ISO 200, and you can use f/5.6 within the same 4 to 30 foot range. Just set the camera's aperture and ISO speed to match what's on the flash scale.

Then, the flash terminates it's own ouput when it sees enough reflected light for the auto range selected.

It's much better than a manual power only solution, since you can shoot within the distances shown for the selected Auto range and the flash automatically controls it's own output. That's what the tiny hole in the front of the flash is for (it's a sensor that measures reflected light so that the flash can throttle it's own output).


This type of solution also eliminates the need for the metering preflash that most modern digital cameras use to help judge the length of the main flash burst needed (since their sensors don't reflect light the same way as film, the way you could with off the film flash metering, a preflash is now used by most digital systems).

Since this type of non-dedicated flash has it's own built in sensor that measures reflected light *during* the exposure, it doesn't need a preflash to work.

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JimC's explanation is what I tried to show in a galery I made for the Sunpak 383. Here is a link.
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Thanks everyone for your help. Finally, I was able to get some time off and work with the flash. The results are getting better. Your comments/helpare well appreciated.

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I came across this whilst browsing Ebay the other night, was toying with the idea of getting one myself seeing as theyre so cheap.....gotta be worth a try for that price


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