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I currently have a Pana FZ50 and use the 'Sports' setting for the vast majority of soccer shots...

http://www.trianglefc c.o.uk

However I would like to know if there are any settings I could use in Custom mode to improve things. On a subnote are there any better settings for astropitch/floodlight conditions???

One taken during daylight

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You need a SS of at least 1/250th sec for sport shots.....My guess is you are getting that speed or faster on the daylight shots....but not even close on the night shots.....the only thing you can do is raise the ISO but you arre probably aware of what that does on a FZ50......Just not the camera for indoor or night sports.

But a wonderful camera in the daylight.

The way I approach trying to figure what the camera will do is set the ISO to 800 and put the camera in aperture mode.....and set it at F2.8......that will give you 3.7 when zoomed but its the best you can do. And the camera will set the fastest SS it can, if that is 1/250th of a second or faster you are in good shape..... I doubt it will be but at least you will know.......you can then raise the ISO in an attempt to get the SS needed but can you live with the noise?

Even with a DSLR you need a lens at least F2.8 and then shoot at ISO1600 and depending on the light it may or may not produce good photos. Its a very difficult situation and at times requires the big dollar lenses, F2.0 or faster.

I should have added.....I can not see the exif for those photos but it looks to me1 full stop would be a big help in stopping the action and that could be as simpleas raising the ISO, if the shot was at ISO200 raising to 400 would make a big difference. That alone would double the SS. say from 1/100 to 1/200th of a second

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Genece is exactly right in everything he said. I've actually just purchased an Olympus E-1 DSLR for the situations you are trying to shoot in. Low light hi speed action is really pushing the FZ50 but I couldn't find a better camera of it's type for my wildlife and landscape shooting. That's why I went with the older E-1, I got it for $350.00 and a good 40-150 2.8-3.5 lens for $80.00. If it works out I woun't feel so bad about having two cameras.

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A point and shoot camera like the FZ50 even with all the twiddling and setting you would use for a dSLR would be making it a tall order to fill.

Shutter speed at 1/250th of a second really isn't enough to freeze the action for football (soccer). Shutter speed of 1/500th is best to freeze the action. At 1/250th you will still get motion blur at the extremities.

You should fill your frame when shooting to get the best focus you can. Another thing is to change to spot focus.

Shooting with floodlights can vary greatly depending on the stadium and where you are shooting from. With a point and shoot you will struggle to get good pictures under those conditions.

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A big thanks for the swift answers...
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