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Hi All.

After much research I just bought a FZ8. I have been reading the manual and playing with the different settings.

This Saturday I want to take pictures of my daughter's cross country competition. Of course it will be outdoors, in the morning and most likely sunny.

Do any of you experts have some setting tips or shooting tips for me?

Thanks much in advance!
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Not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Cross country means running therefore you want to try to make sure you are getting a decent shutter speed.

You can either:
- get into S mode and select a shutter speed of at least 1/250 and preferably 1/500 to make sure you get a sharp shot, then drop the shutter speed if you want a shot to get some blur to indicate motion
- altenately get into A mode and shoot wide open with teh aperture as large (number as small) as the camera will cope with, and this ensures you have the fastest possible shutter speed.

- I would try for single area high speed focus;
- I would go with the metering on either intelligent multiple or centre weighted, spot is a no-no in this environment;
- I would get there early to get a spot with the sun at your back so that you are not shooting into the sun, also if you can manage to get a spot where the runners have a nice background for your shots it would be great
- I would try a few shots early to make sure the settings are working and if neceassry dial in some exposure compensation
- I would also set the cam to continuous mode and shoot off burts of 3 or so shots, improves your chances of getting one of the three
- finally try to anticipate when something will happen, I am shocking at this and end up getting the moment after the moment I wanted

As I said, I am no expert but that would be what I would do in your situation.
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Thanks for the advice.

Here is what I was thinking:

Sports mode

Image stabalization #2 setting

White balance outdoor sun mode

Auto ISO

Maximum JPEG setting

Meter Mode set at multiple

Auto Focus set at 3 area focusing high speed

Continuous Auto Focus set on

Noise reduction set low

Contrast, sharpness and saturation set at standard

Exposure -1

Any thoughts on these settings?

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