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Haven't been here for a long time already. Hope I can get some good and practical help/advice like what I did last time.

I bought a third-party brand 0.5x wide angle conversion lens recently. It's actually made up of 2 pieces - 1 macro and 1 fish-eye, and when combined together will turn into a wide angle.

Problem is the pictures I took has some very serious black-spot problem (riveting) at the 4 corners. It happned in both indoor and outdoor photography. I tried to shoot with external flash but the problem still exists.

The only way to minimise the black-spot (which I experimented) is when I zoom to the max (i.e. x2, as allowed by FZ-20 mounted with conversion lens). However, that defeats the purpose of using a wide-angle since the the subject taken with zoom will be forced closer and the end result is a picture not "wide" at all.

I know mild riveting is common for wide-angle lens, but mine is quite serious. Has it got to do with the 0.5x instead of the original 0.8x lens sold by Panasonic? Appreciate all your kind advice out there. Cheers!
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It is called vignetting and it is not common if the lens is a good match to the camera.....unfortunately none of those so called bargain lenses are in fact a bargain.

As they do not work on any camera unless it has a very small lens opening which none of the FZ cameras have.

It has mostly to do with the size of the rear element of the conversion lens....and it also can have to do with how you mount it to the camera.......Do you have a 3rd party adapter......Such as Lovelifes , Phayee, raynox or something similar or are you using the Panasonic adapter? If you are using the Panasonic adapter, that is at least part of the problem.
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Yes, genece is right about 3rd party add-on lenses. Don't waste your money or time on them.
First you have to buy an adaptor, you can find a PHAYEE adaptor on ebay, because the panasonic adaptor is poorly designed.
The PEMARAAL adaptor is also very good but a little more expensive.
The Phayee has a 62mm front thread so will need to choose a lens with a 62mm rear thread.
The olympus lenses
TCON 14B........TELEPHOTO.........1..4X coversion
WCON 08B.......WIDEANGLE.........0.8X conversion
both these will work with the Phayee adaptor.

You may also look into the RAYNOX lenses, but for them you will have to buy the RAYNOX ADAPTOR TUBE...... i think it is RT5264P.......i believe it has a front thread of 52mm.
lenses are
hope this helps

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